Friday, December 10, 2010

eBook Gift Ideas (McGuire & Angelo)

eBookI suppose I’m pretty much an “old school” guy. In some respects, anyway.

To give you an idea, it really wasn’t until I was pretty far along in my academic career that I started writing papers on a computer. Up to then used a typewriter, natch. In fact -- if you can believe it -- I would sometimes literally “cut and paste” sentences out of drafts when putting together an essay.

Yeah, I know what your thinkin’. Right, grandpa... and this was all done by candelight, yes? And did you ride on back of the horse or were you pulled in a carriage to get to class?

All of which means when it comes to books, it shouldn’t be that surprising to hear that I’ve yet to try out the Kindle or any of the other many “eBook” readers out there about which I’ve heard such good things. I’ve also resisted making my hard-boiled detective novel, Same Difference, available as an eBook, although perhaps I should consider doing so at some point.

Anyhow, I wanted to share the news about two poker-related titles that have recently been made available in the eBook form. These are both books I like a lot (in the print versions I own), and would certainly recommend either to any of you trying to come up with holiday gift ideas for your poker-playin’ buds who can presently handle this whole eBook thing more comfortably than can I.

'Lost Vegas' by Paul McGuire (2010)One is Dr. Pauly’s chronicle of his Vegas experiences, circa 2004-2008, titled Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker. The book mostly focuses on the good Doctor’s reporting on the WSOP, although there is much else in there, too, that together helps create an interesting and provocative commentary on Las Vegas and its current place in our culture.

I reviewed Lost Vegas for Betfair shortly after it appeared this summer, if you want a more extensive rundown of what you can expect to find in the book. And like I say, if the eBook thing works for you, you can now pick up a copy in that form (click here for more info).

Another fave poker title of mine has also recently become available as an eBook, Tommy Angelo’s excellent Elements of Poker. It has been just about three years since this one first snuck onto the scene, not really a strategy book but more of a “how to think about poker” kind of text that features a lot of insightful, clever writing and discussion.

'Elements of Poker' by Tommy Angelo (2007)I reviewed Elements here on Hard-Boiled Poker some time ago. Just a couple of weeks ago the book became available as an eBook, and you can head over to Angelo’s site for more info on that.

Taking the new eBook version of Elements as an occasion to do so, I interviewed Angelo for Betfair poker, and that interview just went up today. Those familiar with Elements or his articles -- or who might have heard him interviewed elsewhere -- know that he’s an especially interesting (and funny) guy. And if you aren’t familiar with the poker coach and author, the interview should serve as a decent introduction.

Like I say, I’ll get around to this here eBook stuff soon enough. Am actually looking at moving here soon, and am feeling a little sick inside at the thought of boxing up these hundreds and hundreds of books I’ve accumulated during my lifetime and carting them to a new location. I’m thinking this move may very well push me over the edge to give the eBook thing a try. If I survive it, that is.

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