Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Opening Day for the 2015 WSOP

As anyone stumbling over here well knows, the 2015 World Series of Poker begins today with the first couple of events on the 68-tournament calendar -- the two-day $565 Casino Employees (Event No. 1) that begins at 12 noon Vegas time, and a four-day $5K NLHE one (Event No. 2) that cranks up at 4 p.m.

Like last summer, it looks like I’ll probably be following things from afar again although I’ll be locked in fairly closely throughout. Was mentioning to a couple of different people this morning how this day in particular is one where I’m feeling just a touch nostalgic over not being there to see things get going. But after spending so many summers in the Rio over the years I can’t truthfully say I feel like I’m missing out too greatly.

The WSOP is unquestionably the live tournament highlight of the year for American players, and for many, many others who come to Vegas from around the world, too.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times here over recent months how it feels more and more like the WSOP is part of a more crowded landscape, poker-wise, with the European Poker Tour in particular (and other tours, too) having more than achieved rival status. That said, it’s hard not to be affected by the enthusiasm many are expressing regarding the WSOP getting underway.

In a general way it’s just nice to feel part of a group of people sharing their excitement about a game we all love to play, to follow, and simply to think about. It is not unlike what I remember feeling about Opening Day in baseball many years ago when I was a superfan of that sport. That’s the analogy I’d draw before the “Christmas morning for poker players” one, although I get that one, too.

Some reading this post might not realize PokerNews isn’t providing the live updates this year -- the first time since 2006 -- as the WSOP will be handling that on their own this time. There will be tons of WSOP coverage on PN, though, throughout the seven weeks.

Am a little wistful about PN not doing the updates, especially as I was involved in some capacity with those each of the last eight years. Looking forward to following along over on WSOP, though.

Should be a pretty steady hum of hype lasting through the weekend, what with the Colossus (Event No. 5) coming up soon. Am already thinking my predicted field size for that one is going to come up short, by the way. Curious to see how things proceed after this first blast, in all respects.

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Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

I'm not going until June 11, but already have this big itch that begs to be scratched.

5/27/2015 5:36 PM  

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