Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mixing It Up

Just finished making Asian-Spiced Broccoli Tacos with Asian slaw and Sriracha mayo for dinner. There’s a picture of a couple of them at left before they were swiftly devoured.

Vera gave me a subscription to a site that sends menus each week, and so I’ve been mixing things up quite a bit when it comes to the meals I’ve been making. This dish was easier to prepare than you’d think, and something I’d never have thought to have fixed without the prompting. A lot of it just involved putting ingredients together in separate bowls and then... well... mixing them up.

Speaking of mixing it up, I wanted to point to a couple of articles over in PokerNews’ strategy section this week that talk about something other than no-limit hold’em.

The first is an interview from a couple of days ago I did with Ken Lo, author of The Poker Player’s Guide to Mixed Games, in which I asked him for his thoughts about the 2015 WSOP schedule -- specifically the non-NLHE offerings -- as well as for a bit of strategy advice.

Ken made some good points about the schedule and offered some worthwhile tips as well for players new to some of these games. Check it out: “The Schedule and Strategy: A Look at Mixed Games at the 2015 WSOP.”

Then today Neil Gibson shared a strategy article in which he passed along terse tips about five different non-NLHE games -- the kind of shorthand advice someone might tell a friend about to play a game he or she had never tried before. See “Tips You Can Text: Abbreviated Advice for Five Non-Hold’em Games.”

I remain a huge fan of non-hold’em variants. Sort of like appreciating other non-standard fare when preparing meals. Speaking of, I think I might have enough broccoli, slaw, and Sriracha mayo left for one more taco.

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