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2012 WSOP Main Event Final Table Hole Cards (Complete)

Okay, show of hands... who watched the whole sucker?  Whatta marathon, right?  On the one hand, kind of amazing that last night’s three-handed portion of the 2012 World Series of Poker lasted as long as it did (264 hands!), but then again, given the super deep stacks -- and the stakes -- it probably should have taken a long time.
Greg Merson is obviously a deserving winner, and both Jesse Sylvia and Jake Balsiger proved themselves last night, too. 
Speaking of a show of hands (pun intended), I was making some references in yesterday’s post that revealed I’d been keeping track of the hole cards being shown on ESPN’s “almost live” broadcast of the final table.  I had the idea last year to do something similar, but didn’t follow through on it.  This time, though, I remained stubborn and went ahead and tracked the hands all of the way to the very end, and thus for today’s post I am sharing what I’ve done here.
I was surprised last year, actually, not to have seen anyone having done this sort of thing.  (Someone might have somewhere, but I never came across it.)  But my sense is there are some who would be interested in having this resource, including anyone wanting to perform thorough analyses of the play at this year’s final table as well as those just wanting to check on a particular hand.
A few disclaimers...
I am following the hand numbering used in PokerNews’ live reporting from the final table.  Some of you might have noticed ESPN’s numbering was off (by one), something that I believe resulted from a misdeal early on that ESPN counted and then couldn’t go back and change.  They didn’t really make a lot of reference to hand #s on Day 1 on ESPN, although last night they’d sometimes list it in the upper left corner.  Know, then, for most of Day 1 and all of Day 2, ESPN’s references to hand #s are one more than they should be.
The winner of each hand is listed first. You’ll notice a few hands with “X X” listed as hole cards.  Those were hands ESPN either skipped over showing or which for whatever reason they never were able to reveal hole cards.  Sylvia in particular didn’t show his hole cards whenever he got a walk, and indeed most of those hands without hole cards are from walks or rapid raise-and-take hands.
Still, just about all of the hands did make it to air, and only a few hole cards were missed along the way.  Note that ESPN’s practice was in non-showdown hands to show the winner’s cards and the cards of the last player to fold, meaning for almost every hand there were two players’ cards of concern.  (Only once, in Hand #306, did three players make it to a showdown.)
Donnie and Rich did a terrific job with the live blog at PN, and Mickey kept the counts in order the whole way as well.  I used their reporting for more than just hand numbers, but also to double-check a lot of what I’m listing below.  I should note there is one hand (#363) where I believe they might’ve gotten the winner wrong, but it was a small one.  And heck, we’re talking 10-plus hours into fairly intense coverage of three-handed poker by then.
Finally, it goes without saying any errors in this list are all mine.  And indeed, I’m sure there are a few here and there.  I’m reasonably confident the Day 1 hands are all accurate, as I had time to double-check those while also getting to look at B.J. Nemeth’s log of Monday’s hands, too, for further proofing.  I didn’t get to do that sort of rereading for Day 2, and so feel like there might be a few hands where I would’ve liked to have made sure about suits or other details.  (Anyone noticing anything obviously incorrect, feel free to let me know.)

Level 34
1. Gee Ks Qd, Thomas 9c 6c
2. Sylvia 9h 6h, Balsiger 9d 2c
3. Thomas Qc 9s, Ausmus X X
4. Ausmus Ac 9c, Gee 10s 6d
5. Esposito Ks Kh, Merson Ah Jh
6. Balsiger Ad Jc, Thomas Ah Jd
7. Thomas Ah Qc, Salaburu 7c 5c
8. Balsiger Ac Kh, Merson Jh 10h
9. Sylvia Jd 3d, Esposito 10h 3s
10. Gee Jc 10c, Thomas Kh 9d
11. Salaburu 8s 8h, Balsiger Qd 10d
12. Gee Ks Qs, Ausmus 8h 2c
13. Merson As 2s, Gee 10h 9s
14. Salaburu As Js, Merson Ad 7d
15. Thomas As Js, Sylvia 4d 2c
16. Balsiger 9h 9c, Salaburu 5d 3h
17. Ausmus As Qc, Koroknai 8h 8d
18. Sylvia Ks Jc, Merson Kh Js
19. Merson Qc 5c, Thomas 9c 3h
20. Balsiger 10d 10c, Sylvia Ah Qc
21. Sylvia Ad 10d, Ausmus Qs 6s
22. Salburu Ks Kh, Gee Kc Qc
23. Merson Jh 5c, Gee 5h 4s
24. Thomas Kd 10d, Sylvia 9d 8d
25. Salaburu Qc Jh, Ausmus Js 8c
26. Balsiger Ks Qs, Koroknai Jd 8s
27. Salaburu Ks 10d, Esposito 8h 2d
28. Merson 10d 8d, Esposito Kc Qc

Level 35
29. Ausmus Ad Jh, Balsiger 9s 9d
*30. Thomas Qd Qc, Gee 8d 8c
31. Merson Ah Kd, Balsiger Qh Jh
32. Sylvia Jc 8s, Merson Qh 8h
33. Ausmus Qh 6h, Salaburu 8h 3d
34. Sylvia Ah 8h, Merson Jc 10c
35. Merson Ad Kd, Balsiger As Jh
36. Merson As Kc, Ausmus Ac 10h
37. Balsiger Ah Kh, Sylvia Kd 10d
38. Salaburu Ad Qc, Ausmus 10c 9h
39. Ausmus Qc 6c, Merson 4s 2d
40. Koroknai Ah 7h, Sylvia 9c 7c
41. Thomas Ac Kc, Salaburu 9d 8h
42. Esposito Qd 10d, Koroknai 8s 5c
43. Thomas 6s 6h, Esposito Jh 3d
44.  Thomas Ah 3c, Esposito 8h 7h
45. Sylvia Ks Qs, Ausmus 8s 8d
46. Ausmus As 8d, Thomas Ac 2s
47. Merson 9c 7c, Salaburu Jc Js
48. Thomas As Th, Sylvia 6d 4c
49. Merson Qd 9s, Salaburu Kh 10d
50. Salaburu Ah Jd, Sylvia 10h 9c
51. Esposito Kc 10s, Sylvia Ah 7s
52. Thomas Ks 9s, Esposito Kh 8d
53. Balsiger Kd Kc, Salaburu Qs Qh
54. Koroknai Qd 9d, Ausmus 8d 4h
55. Ausmus Ad Qh, Koroknai Kh Jh
56. Sylvia 9c 7c, Esposito 5s 5h
57. Balsiger Ac Kc, Salaburu 9d 3c
58. Ausmus As Qc, Koroknai Jd 9c
59. Koroknai 2s 2h, Salaburu Qs 8d
60. Ausmus Ac Qh, Sylvia Ad Qc
61. Balsiger Kh Js, Esposito As Jd
62. Thomas Ad Ks, Ausmus 8h 7d
63. Sylvia 8h 8c, Thomas 10c 9c
64. Ausmus 10s 4s, Sylvia Jc 9d
*65. Sylvia Qc 5c, Salaburu 7h 7d
66. Koroknai As 7d, Sylvia 8s 7s
67. Esposito As 5d, Balsiger 10s 10h

Level 36
68. Esposito Ac Qh, Sylvia 7h 6d
69. Esposito 10s 10d, Koroknai Ad 4s
*70. Merson Ac Ks, Esposito As Jh
71. Thomas Jh X, Merson 7c 2h
72. Koroknai 9c 8s, Balsiger 10h 10d
73. Ausmus Ad Qc, Koroknai 9s 2d
74. Sylvia Jd 9c, Thomas Qh 8s
75. Merson 7s 4s, Balsiger 9h 4d
76. Ausmus Qc 10s, Merson Ah Jh
77. Sylvia Ah 8h, Thomas 5s 5d
78. Merson Ad Kh, Balsiger Qh Jh
79. Koroknai Kc 9h, Ausmus Ah 9c
80. Koroknai 9h 9c, Sylvia Ks 6h
81. Sylvia 5d 5c, Balsiger Qd 9c
82. Balsiger As Qc, Merson Kc Qs
83. Thomas Kd 10s, Merson 9h 3h
84. Koroknai 9h 6h, Sylvia Qh 7s
85. Sylvia Qh Jc, Koroknai Ah 4h
86. Merson X X, Thomas X X
87. Balsiger As 4h, Thomas 9c 5c
88. Sylvia As Ac, Ausmus 7h 3c
89. Sylvia As 10s, Merson 8c 2h
90. Koroknai Ad Kh, Merson 6c 2c
91. Koroknai X X, Sylvia 8d 5h
92. Merson As Qc, Thomas Jh 5h
93. Ausmus As Kd, Balsiger Ad 8h
94. Ausmus 7s 5d, Balsiger 10d 5c
95. Merson Ad Qd, Thomas Ac 2h
96. Merson As Qs, Ausmus Ad Qc
97. Merson Ah 3c, Koroknai 9d 2h
98. Sylvia Qs Jd, Thomas Jc 4c
99. Merson Ac Kc, Balsiger 10c 6s
100. Thomas Jc 3h, Ausmus 7c 2c
101. Ausmus Qc Jc, Merson 6c 3c
102. Sylvia 10d 9s, Merson Jc 4h
103. Thomas Qh 10h, Koroknai 10d X
104. Koroknai Ac Kd, Merson 10s 8s
105. Balsiger 9h 6c, Thomas 10c 3d
106. Ausmus As 4c, Thomas 6d 3d
107. Merson Qh 3s, Ausmus 7h 2d
108. Merson Ac Jd, Ausmus Kd 5d
*109. Merson As Ks, Koroknai Kh Qd
110. Merson Ah Qd, Sylvia As 7c
111. Sylvia Ac 3c, Balsiger Qh 4h
112. Thomas Ac 3c, Ausmus Ah 5s
113. Ausmus Ac 8c, Merson Jd 7d

Level 37
114. Ausmus 6d 3c, Sylvia 10h 2h
115. Thomas 6h 4h, Sylvia 10h 5h
116. Balsiger Ac 10h, Sylvia Ad 7c
117. Balsiger Ah 5c, Thomas Qh 5h
118. Merson As Kh, Ausmus 10c 2h
119. Balsiger Kh Kd, Ausmus 10c 8h
120. Sylvia Ks 6h, Thomas 6s 5c
121. Balsiger 9s 8s, Sylvia Ah 8h
122. Sylvia Ac 5c, Ausmus Kh 7c
123. Balsiger Kh Jd, Thomas Qd 10d
124. Sylvia As 3s, Merson 5s 4h
125. Merson Jd 8d, Thomas Js 7c
126. Sylvia Js 8c, Balsiger 3d 2c
127. Sylvia Qh 7h, Thomas Qs 10s
128. Sylvia Ah Qh, Merson 10s 3c
*129. Sylvia Ac 9h, Ausmus 10s 7d
130. Balsiger 5h 5c, Thomas 8d 7d
131. Merson Kd Jc, Balsiger 2h 2d
132. Thomas Qc 7d, Merson 9s 2c
133. Sylvia X X, Merson 10s 7d
134. Merson 9c 7c, Thomas Ac 5d
*135. Balsiger As Kc, Thomas Ah 9d


136. Merson 10h 6h, Sylvia Ah 9d
137. Sylvia Qs 2c, Merson Kc Jh
138. Merson 10d 4d, Balsiger 6h 3c
139. Merson Qc 10c, Balsiger 10s Jh
140. Merson Qs Qh, Balsiger Js 9c
141. Merson Ac Jh, Balsiger 4d 3c
142. Merson 10c 3c, Balsiger Kh 2d
143. Merson 7h 6c, Sylvia 7c 7d
144. Merson Ah 8d, Balsiger 6s 5h
145. Balsiger Qd 10s, Sylvia 7d 7c
146. Merson Qh 7h, Sylvia 9h 3h
147. Merson Kh Qh, Balsiger As Qc
148. Merson Kd 5d, Balsiger 8h 6h
149. Merson Ah Ks, Sylvia Qc 4s
150. Balsiger Qc 8c, Merson Qd 7d
151. Merson As Js, Balsiger 9h 5d
152. Sylvia X X, Merson 5d 3s
153. Sylvia Ac Jd, Merson 7h 6c
154. Sylvia Ks Kc, Balsiger Ad Jh
155. Balsiger Qh 6c, Sylvia Qs 2h
156. Merson Qs 7c, Balsiger Qc 3h
157. Balsiger Js Jd, Sylvia 9h 9c
158. Balsiger Kc Js, Sylvia 7c 5d
159. Balsiger Ac 6d, Merson 8h 8c
160. Merson Qs 8s, Sylvia Ah 6h
161. Sylvia X X, Merson Ks 3h
162. Sylvia Ad 8d, Merson 4d 3h
163. Sylvia 9d 6h, Merson Ac 2s
164. Balsiger 5s 5d, Sylvia 7d 5c

Level 38
165. Balsiger Qh 7c, Sylvia Ks 3h
166. Merson Qc 7s, Balsiger Kd 5h
167. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
168. Sylvia Ah 2s, Merson Kd Jh
169. Merson Ac 3h, Balsiger 9c 7c
170. Balsiger 9h 9d, Merson Kc 5c
171. Sylvia Kd Jc, Merson 7s 7d
172. Merson 7h 6c, Balsiger Jd 2d
173. Sylvia 9h 3d, Merson 10s 9s
174. Merson Qc Qs, Balsiger 10s 6h
175. Merson 6c 4c, Sylvia Ac 2c
176. Merson 6h 6d, Sylvia Ah 5c
177. Balsiger Td Th, Sylvia X X
178. Balsiger Ks 9c, Merson 10s 9d
179. Balsiger 8c 2d, Balsiger Ad 4h
180. Balsiger 10s 4d, Sylvia Jh 4s
181. Merson Ah 4d, Sylvia Jd 9s
182. Sylvia Ac 8h, Merson 5d 3d
183. Balsiger Js 5s, Merson Ad Jd
184. Sylvia Ac 4d, Merson 9d 3h
185. Sylvia 7s 6s, Balsiger Ks Kd
186. Sylvia 9h 6d, Balsiger Kd 4s
187. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
188. Balsiger Qs 6c, Sylvia Qd 5s
189. Balsiger As 3c, Sylvia 5s 4c
190. Merson 9h 4c, Balsiger Qc 4d
191. Merson Ah 8d, Sylvia Jh 10h
192. Merson 6d 4c, Balsiger 10s 3c
193. Merson X X, Balsiger X X
194. Sylvia Qc 8s, Merson 10d 8h
195. Balsiger Kd Qc, Merson 10d 8h
196. Merson X X, Balsiger X X
197. Sylvia X X, Merson 9c 6s
198. Balsiger 10s 3s, Sylvia 8d 4c
199. Merson 7c 6h, Balsiger Ac Qh
200. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X
201. Balsiger Kd Qs, Sylvia 7c 5h
202. Merson 5d 3d, Sylvia Js 7d
203. Balsiger 9s 8d, Sylvia Jh 6d
204. Sylvia 8s 8d, Merson 10s 9d
205. Merson Kh 8s, Sylvia Ah 3d
206. Balsiger Ah Jd, Sylvia Qh 7h
207. Sylvia Ad 8h, Merson Jh 8s
208. Merson Js Jd, Balsiger 10d 4d
209. Sylvia Qs 6s, Balsiger Ac 8h
210. Sylvia 9s 9d, Merson Kd Qs
211. Sylvia As 4d, Balsiger 4c 2h
212. Sylvia Ac Qh, Balsiger Jh 5h
213. Balsiger 7h 3h, Merson 9c 8d
214. Merson 7c 4d, Balsiger 9s 7h
215. Balsiger Jc 7c, Sylvia 10d 4s
216. Merson Qh Jh, Balsiger Qs 10d
217. Merson X X, Sylvia X X
218. Balsiger 10h 8d, Sylvia Qs 2c
219. Merson 8h 3h, Balsiger 8c 4c

Level 39
220. Sylvia As Ad, Merson 4d 3s
221. Sylvia X X, Merson 9s 4c
222. Sylvia Kh Qd, Merson 5h 4h
223. Merson 8s 6d, Balsiger Kd 4h
224. Balsiger Kc 4c, Sylvia 9h 4s
225. Merson Ad Qc, Balsiger Qh 8h
226. Sylvia Qh Jd, Merson Ks 2c
227. Merson Ad 4d, Sylvia 7h 6s
228. Sylvia Kd 9d, Balsiger 8s 4h
229. Merson Jc 9d, Sylvia Ad 4c
230. Merson Js 8d, Balsiger 2s 2h
231. Balsiger 10s 10d, Sylvia Ks 7d
232. Sylvia Qc 7c, Merson 10d 4c
233. Balsiger 8h 8d, Merson Jc 2s
234. Sylvia 10h 7s, Balsiger 8d 5s
235. Merson 6h 3s, Balsiger 3h 2s
236. Merson 10h 10d, Sylvia Jd 6c
237. Sylvia Ad Qd, Balsiger Jh 3h
238. Merson X X, Balsiger X X
239. Balsiger Ac 4s, Sylvia 4c 3d
240. Merson Ac Qd, Balsiger As 4s
241. Balsiger Kc 10d, Merson Ad 4c
242. Sylvia X X, Merson 10c 3s
243. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X
244. Merson Kh 4s, Balsiger 8s 5d
245. Balsiger Kh Jd, Sylvia 7s 6s
246. Sylvia Ah Kh, Balsiger 9h 2s
247. Sylvia Qs 2s, Merson Qh 3d
248. Sylvia 8h 8c, Merson As 5d
249. Sylvia 8d 5s, Balsiger 9c 2d
250. Balsiger Jc 10h, Merson 9h 4s
251. Sylvia Ks 8s, Balsiger Ad 3d
252. Balsiger Ah 10s, Sylvia Ac Qs
253. Sylvia Ah Ks, Merson Kh Kd
254. Merson 9h 7c, Sylvia Js 2h
255. Balsiger 6s 6h, Sylvia Kc 2c
256. Sylvia Ad 3s, Merson Qh 4h
257. Sylvia Qc 6h, Merson Qd Jh
258. Balsiger 10h 6d, Merson Ad Js
259. Sylvia 9s 7c, Merson Kh Qc
260. Sylvia X X, Merson 7h 2c
261. Balsiger As 6c, Sylvia Jh 3c
262. Merson Qc 5d, Balsiger 8d 7h
263. Balsiger Kc 3h, Sylvia Kh 3s
264. Merson Qc 8h, Balsiger 3d 3h
265. Merson Jh 8s, Sylvia As 8c
266. Sylvia Ac 3s, Balsiger Qs 8d
267. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X 
268. Balsiger Ks Qd, Sylvia Qh 2h
269. Balsiger 7s 7d, Sylvia Jd 6d

Level 40
270. Sylvia 8d 8c, Balsiger 8h 2s
271. Merson As 3d, Sylvia Ac 2c (split pot)
272. Merson Ad 4s, Sylvia 10d 5d
273. Balsiger As 7d, Sylvia 6d 4c
274. Merson X X, Balsiger X X
275. Merson Jd 3d, Sylvia 7h 6c
276. Sylvia 8h 3h, Balsiger 9d 2h
277. Sylvia Jh 10c, Merson Qs 2h
278. Balsiger Jh 6h, Sylvia Jd 3c
279. Merson 8c 7h, Balsiger 9c 2s
280. Merson Jc 9h, Sylvia 10h 6c
281. Balsiger 9s 7c, Sylvia 9h 3d
282. Merson As 5d, Balsiger 8c 2d
283. Sylvia Ac Js, Merson 6c 4c
284. Sylvia Ah 9c, Balsiger Jh 5h
285. Merson Jd 9d, Balsiger Jc 6d
286. Merson Ac Ks, Sylvia Jc 7c
287. Sylvia Qc 6c, Balsiger Ad 2s
288. Merson 9c 8c, Balsiger Qd 6s
289. Balsiger Ks Jd, Sylvia As Th
290. Sylvia 9h 5d, Merson 10d 10c
291. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X
292. Merson 10d 2h, Balsiger 6s 3d
293. Balsiger 8c 7h, Merson Jc 10c
294. Sylvia 6d 6c, Balsiger 8c 3d
295. Merson X X, Balsiger X X
296. Balsiger Qh 8c, Sylvia Kd 6h
297. Merson Ah 3h, Balsiger 9c 5c
298. Sylvia 6h 4h, Balsiger Qd Jd
299. Sylvia 9c 7c, Merson As 4c
300. Merson As 7s, Balsiger 7d 2h
301. Merson 6h 3c, Sylvia Jh 10h
302. Balsiger Jh 8d, Sylvia Kh 3c
303. Merson As Ad, Sylvia 8d 7h
304. Sylvia 8c 4c, Merson 9s 7s
305. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X
306. Balsiger Qd 3h, Merson Js 9c, Sylvia 9h 6h
307. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
308. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
309. Sylvia As Ks, Balsiger 5h 2c
310. Sylvia Ks 9c, Merson Jc 8c
311. Balsiger As 2s, Sylvia Ah 3c
312. Sylvia 10d 7d, Balsiger 10c 2c
313. Balsiger Ks 8s, Merson Jh 2s
314. Balsiger Qh 8s, Sylvia 7h 3s
315. Balsiger 5d 5c, Merson Jd 8s
316. Sylvia Ad 7s, Merson Qs 7h
317. Balsiger Jh 10c, Sylvia 4d 2c
318. Sylvia Qh Qc, Balsiger 7s 3s
319. Merson As Qd, Sylvia 9h 8h
320. Sylvia X X, Merson 8h 6c

Level 41
321. Merson 9d 6d, Balsiger 9c 2c
322. Merson 7d 5s, Balsiger 6s 5d
323. Merson Ah 10h, Balsiger As 2c
324. Sylvia Qd 10s, Balsiger Qc 3s
325. Sylvia Qh 5h, Merson Jd 8c
326. Balsiger Kd Qh, Sylvia 6s 4d
327. Merson 10s 2s, Balsiger 9s 7d
328. Merson 10c 3c, Balsiger 8c 6d
329. Sylvia X X, Merson 7d 2s
330. Balsiger 10c 9d, Sylvia 9h 3s
331. Sylvia Kd Jd, Merson Kh 4s
332. Balsiger Jd Jh, Sylvia Ac 5d
333. Sylvia 9s 2s, Balsiger Jh 7s
334. Balsiger Jh Jc, Merson 8h 2c
335. Sylvia X X, Merson Kd 5s
336. Balsiger Jc 8s, Sylvia 5c 2c
337. Balsiger Ac 4c, Sylvia Ah 7c
338. Merson As 10h, Balsiger Ad 3c
339. Merson 3s 3h, Sylvia Kc Jh
340. Merson Qh Jd, Balsiger 10h 9s
341. Sylvia 3d 3c, Balsiger Qs 10d
342. Balsiger Ah Ad, Merson 7c 3s
343. Balsiger Jd Jc, Sylvia 2h 2d
344. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
345. Sylvia 10c 9d, Merson 6c 5c
346. Balsiger Ah 7d, Merson 4c 3s
347. Balsiger As 4s, Sylvia Kc 10h
348. Sylvia Qc 9c, Merson Ac Jh
349. Balsiger Ks Kc, Sylvia Kd 9h
350. Merson Ad 5h, Sylvia Jc 4h
351. Merson Ah Jh, Balsiger 3s 2c
352. Merson 10d 2s, Balsiger Kh Js
353. Balsiger Qs 8s, Sylvia Jh 6c
354. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X
355. Sylvia Js 7s, Merson Qd 2s
356. Sylvia 8s 2d, Balsiger Kd 9c
357. Sylvia Jh 10c, Balsiger Kc 8c
358. Balsiger Kc 10c, Merson 7s 3s
359. Balsiger Jc 10c, Sylvia Js 3d
360. Sylvia Kh Jc, Balsiger Ah Qh
361. Merson X X, Balsiger X X
362. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
363. Sylvia As Qs, Merson Ad 3h
364. Merson Ad 6d, Balsiger Kc 2c
365. Balsiger 3d 3c, Merson 5c 2s
366. Merson Qs Qh, Balsiger Jd 10c
367. Merson Kh 4s, Balsiger Kc 10d
368. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
369. Merson 2s 2d, Balsiger Kc 5s
370. Sylvia Ac Kc, Merson Ah 10s
371. Merson Ad 6s, Sylvia 9h 4c
372. Sylvia Ac 10d, Merson Ah 6d
373. Merson Kc Qc, Sylvia Ah 7h
374. Merson As Jc, Sylvia 10c 9h

Level 42
375. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X
376. Balsiger 2d 2c, Merson 9d 4d
377. Balsiger X X, Sylvia X X 
378. Sylvia 10h 10c, Merson As 4s
379. Merson 10s 5s, Balsiger 9h 8s
380. Sylvia X X, Merson X X
381. Sylvia Ac 9d, Balsiger 4d 3s
*382. Merson Kc Qs, Balsiger Qh 10d
383. Sylvia X X, Merson 3d 2c
384. Merson Kh 8d, Sylvia 6c 3d
385. Sylvia 6d 5d, Merson 7h 5s
386. Merson Kh 7d, Sylvia 10s 3c
387. Sylvia Jc 9s, Merson Kd 4h
388. Merson As Jh, Sylvia 5s 4h
389. Merson Ks 2c, Sylvia Kh 6s
390. Sylvia Jh 9c, Merson 10h 4c
391. Sylvia X X, Merson 3s 2h
392. Sylvia Qc 9d, Merson 7c 5s
393. Merson Qd 5h, Sylvia Jh 10c
394. Sylvia Qc 5c, Merson Kc 4d
395. Sylvia X X, Merson 5d 3c
396. Merson 3c 2c, Sylvia Qs 8d
397. Merson Kc 6d, Sylvia Qh 8d
398. Sylvia 10s 7c, Merson Qc 8d
*399. Merson Kd 5d, Sylvia Qs Js

*indicates elimination hand

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