Tuesday, June 09, 2015

More for Hellmuth

As you’ve no doubt heard, Phil Hellmuth has won another WSOP tournament, outlasting a field of 103 to win the $10K Razz Championship (Event No. 17).

That’s 14 total (including one WSOP Europe win), and two in razz after he won the $2,500 razz event three years ago. He finished runner-up in the $1,500 razz to Ted Forrest last year, too.

Besides having the most WSOP bracelets (by four, ahead of Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan each with 10), Hellmuth has 109 cashes at the WSOP and enjoys a healthy lead on that list, too, ahead of Erik Seidel’s 90. (Seidel finished 11th in the $10K Razz.) He’s also made 52 final tables, with Men Nguyen the nearest challenger with 39.

That means of the times Hellmuth has cashed at the WSOP, he’s gone on to make the final table 47.8% of those occasions. When he makes the final table, he has won the tournament 26.9% of the time. And he’s finished second 10 times (19.2%), meaning he has gotten to heads-up 46.2% of the time he’s made the final table.

He’s also now -- with last night’s win his first cash of the summer -- 29th in the WSOP POY race, which may or may not make sense, depending on how you view such things.

Watched some of the stream of the razz final table last night and very much enjoyed hearing the strat talk of Calvin Anderson and Nick Schulman. Hellmuth had the lead and was continuing to build his stack when I watched, so it wasn’t too surprising to wake up and hear he’d won.

For something more thoughtful than just marveling at Hellmuth’s results, Brad Willis penned a good response to last night’s events at the WSOP today in which he covers both Hellmuth winning and John Gale taking down Event No. 18, the $1,000 Turbo NLHE event.

Reaching back to 2006 (when both Gale and Hellmuth also won bracelets), Brad explains “Why we should thank Phil Hellmuth and John Gale.” Check it out.

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Blogger Denis Rivas said...

Hi Shamus !

I am a potential advertiser (I represent an online poker software company). How can I contact you ?


6/10/2015 6:53 AM  
Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

I'm at the WSOP, and wanted to buy Jonathan Little's new book "Excelling at No-Limit Hold'em" so trotted down there yesterday when it went on sale at 6 p.m. Jonathan signed my copy, then handed it to Phil Helmuth.

"What's your name?" he wanted to know as he was about to sign it. "David," I told him, then asked, "What's your, by the way?"

Haha, I quickly let him know I was teasing.

What did he write? "Love life and run hot!" Good advice, I guess.

6/15/2015 1:06 AM  
Blogger Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Hi, Denis. You can find my email addy on my profile page.

Haha, David. I had a book signed by PH once. Mine says "Advanced Copy!!" and "good luck." When I look back I nod and remember, indeed, it was an advanced copy.

6/15/2015 2:04 PM  

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