Friday, May 29, 2015

The Sun in June

Vera Valmore and I watched the Late Show with David Letterman last night (which I saw last week). She’d missed it the first time around and so I DVR’d it, and I have to say I laughed just as much the second time through watching it again with her.

There’s a joke Letterman makes at one point regarding future plans for himself and his longtime partner and musical director Paul Shaffer. He cracks how they’re going to soon “debut our new act at Caesars Palace with our white tigers.”

I’d missed it the first time around, but when setting up that line Letterman had one that was even funnier, especially to some of us.

“Next month... it’ll be June in Las Vegas. Which, by the way, is the time to go to Las Vegas.”

Had to grin at that one, thinking about how many Junes I spent in Vegas. It’s heating up here, too, on the farm, though there’s something a little more pleasant about being here than there.

Hoping all my friends out there are able to beat the heat well enough this summer.

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