Friday, January 09, 2015

Travel Report: 2015 PCA, Day 3 -- The Long, Long, Long LAPT Event

Working on fumes here today as we had a second straight very long day with the LAPT Bahamas Main Event -- hardly surprising given the much, much, much bigger-than-planned-for field -- and the final day is about to start.

Was a fun day, and lasted so long I barely remember getting to chat with Jesse May for a while in the hall before things started. Actually saw and talked to James McManus, too, this week, and it was nice to reconnect.

They played down to the last 11 last night, which was a little shy of the eight-handed final table but close enough. Looking forward to the EPT Live guys doing their full-blown cards-up coverage of the final table (as they do on the EPT), which will be a bit of a change for a LAPT final table.

Also different with this LAPT final table is the fact that none of the players who’ll be there have ever played an LAPT event before.

There are in fact two PCA Main Event champs still left -- Galen Hall (2011) and Dimitar Danchev (2013). EPT and WSOP winner Martin Finger is there, as is WSOP bracelet holder Taylor Paur, Mustapha Kanit, and Aaron Massey. Josh Kay, a Michigan-based player, has the chip lead going into today, with a 21-year-old Polish player named Jose Carlos Garcia.

Read LAPT Bahamas reports from yesterday and today over at the PokerStars blog, and tune in over at starting at 1 p.m. ET today to watch the finish.

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