Thursday, May 01, 2014

Summer Plans

May already? Really?

The 2014 World Series of Poker is now less than a month away. I’m probably looking forward to it more this year than in the last few, partly because my plans this time are going to be a little different, WSOP-wise.

Will be working for PokerNews once again, although this time it looks like I’ll be sticking around the farm rather than spend the summer in Las Vegas. Still seems a little hard to imagine, actually, that I won’t be there walking through the hot, hot parking lot behind the Rio each day, then making my way through the halls to the Amazon for those 12-14 hour days on the floor and behind the laptop.

I’ll have long days here (mostly behind the laptop), helping in various ways. And I suppose there’s an outside shot I could end up in LV at some point in the not-too-distant future, if not for the WSOP then perhaps for other reasons, as I have a project in the works that might take me there (more on that soon).

In any event, I’m already starting to pay more attention to this year’s schedule than has been the case for the last three or four years. Once things get started, I know I’ll be better tuned in to the WSOP as a whole, as my work will require me to follow all of the events as opposed to just honing in on the one from which I’d be live reporting.

Kind of excited about it -- and grateful, also, I’ll be able to stick close to the farm to help Vera through our first summer here. But I’m also already lamenting not meeting up with the dozens and dozens of folks with whom I’ve gotten used to spending my summers, including the WSOP staff, the PN folks, and all of the other media and many players, too.

As we get closer I’ll share more here about what I’ll be doing, including what we’ll have going on over at Learn.PokerNews as well during the summer months.

Meanwhile... it’s May! Time to start prepping!

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