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2013 WSOP Main Event Final Table Hole Cards (Complete)

“We had a technical error,” explained Lon McEachern somewhere around 2:30 a.m. my time, Tuesday morning, as the final table of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event continued six-handed.

McEachern was explaining how on the previous hand -- one on which a short-stacked Amir Lehavot had shoved all in and gotten no callers -- the graphics showing players’ cards afterwards had incorrectly displayed what Lehavot and Sylvain Loosli (who folded the big blind) had (Hand #150). McEachern paused a moment, then added one last comment regarding the error before moving on.

“For those keeping logs at home.”

Ha. What kind of maniac does something like that? Keep logs of poker hands off of a television show. Nuts!

Not going to preface this with too much more other than to say after making a similar post last year chronicling all of the hole cards from the marathon 2012 WSOP Main Event final table, I hadn’t really intended to do so again but somehow here we are.

As those who watched the show know, ESPN displayed hole cards after each hand of the players who were still involved, which this year always meant only two players’ hands were shown.

They missed a few more hands this time than they did last year, both because of the occasional “technical error” and a few instances of not getting back to a hand quickly enough after a commercial break or simply not picking up the hole cards. In those cases you’ll see below an “X” representing cards that were not shown.

Like last year, I’m following the hand numbering from PokerNews’ live reporting. The winner of the hand is listed first. And of course, any mistakes in the transcribing here are all mine.


Level 35
1. Lehavot 7h 5h, Benefield Kh 4d
2. McLaughlin Ah Ad, Tran Ks 7s
3. Benefield Ac 6c, Loosli 9s 2s
4. Tran Qd X, Brummelhuis Js 4d
5. Newhouse Qs Qc, McLaughlin Ks Kc
6. Riess Ah Jc, Tran As 2h
7. Lehavot Ks Kh, Newhouse Ah Qc
8. McLaughlin 5s 5h, Newhouse Qh 10d
9. Farber Kh Qs, Tran As 9d
10. Riess 8s 8h, McLaughlin 7d 7c
11. Tran Js 10d, Farber 7h 6c
12. Benefield Ks 9s, Loosli Kd Jh
13. Brummelhuis As Ac, Benefield 10h 10d

Level 36
14. Benefield Ah Ks, Riess Ad Qh
15. Tran 10c 9c, Riess Qc 10h
16. Lehavot Ac 3c, Brummelhuis As 10h
17. Farber Ad Kd, McLaughlin 9c 2c
18. Loosli Ah 8c, Tran Jh 10s
19. Tran Kd 7d, McLaughlin Ad 9c
20. Loosli Ah Ks, Farber Jh 3h
21. McLaughlin Ah 10d, Loosli Ks 10d
22. Loosli Ah Ks, Lehavot Ad 2d
23. McLaughlin 7h 7d, Newhouse 6h 5c
24. Benefield Ah Qd, Lehavot 6h 6d
25. Farber Ks Kh, Tran Jc 10d
26. Tran Ks Qh, McLaughlin Ac Qc
27. Farber Ah Qh, Tran Ac 2h
28. Loosli Jh Jc, Benefield 4d 3h
29. McLaughlin Ks Jh, Lehavot Ah Kc
30. Lehavot Qs Jd, Loosli 9h 6s
31. Tran Ad Qh, McLaughlin Ah 10d
32. Loosli As Ad, Newhouse Jd 9h
33. Tran Ah 10d, Riess Ks 5h
34. Tran Kc Jc, Lehavot 10c 7d
35. Riess Ah Qc, McLaughlin Ks 10s
*36. Riess As Kh, Newhouse 9s 9c
37. Farber Ac Qs, Benefield 6s X
*38. Farber Ac Kd, Benefield Ks 2s
39. Loosli X X, Farber X X
40. Brummelhuis Ad 7c, Tran Qh 6c
41. Lehavot Kd Kc, Loosli 8c 7h
42. Farber 9h 8h, Lehavot 8c 2s
43. Lehavot Qs Qd, Brummelhuis Ac 3d
44. Riess Ah Qc, Tran Ad Qd (split pot)
45. Riess Ac Ks, McLaughlin Ah 10c
46. Riess As Jd, Loosli Qh Js
47. Riess 4s 4h, Brummelhuis Qh Jh
48. Tran Ah 8d, Riess 10h 4d
49. Farber 9d 8h, Lehavot 5h 4h
50. Lehavot 9c 7d, McLaughlin Qs 7h
51. McLaughlin Ks 2c, Tran Qh 2h
52. Farber X X, McLaughlin X X
53. Brummelhuis 9h 9d, Riess Ad Qd
54. Loosli Kh Qh, Tran Qs 5c
*55. Riess Ac Ah, Brummelhuis 9d 9c
56. Loosli Ks Kh, Tran Kc 10s
57. Farber As 5h, McLaughlin Kc 5d
58. Loosli 6s 6c, McLaughlin Kc Js
59. McLaughlin Ac Qd, Riess Ad Jc

Level 37
60. Lehavot As Kd, Loosli Ac 5d
61. Tran Jd 4d, Riess Qh 6d
62. Riess Kh 10h, Loosli 6s 5h
63. Riess X X, McLaughlin X X
64. McLaughlin 10c 6c, Lehavot Ah 9s
65. Loosli X X, Farber Jd 9c
66. Tran Jd 5c, Loosli Kc 7h
67. Riess Ac Kc, Farber 9d 8c
68. Riess 10s 10d, Tran As 4d
69. Farber Qs Jh, McLaughlin Ac Kc
70. Loosli As Js, McLaughlin 4h 4s
71. Tran Qs Jd, McLaughlin 10d 6s
72. Lehavot Ah 7h, Tran Qd 10s
73. Loosli Kh Kc, Tran Ah 5c
74. McLaughlin Ac 10h, Lehavot 7h 6s
75. Lehavot 5h 3h, McLaughlin X X
76. McLaughlin As 3h, Tran Qh 10d
77. McLaughlin 8d 7h, Riess 4s 4h
78. Farber Ad 5d, Lehavot 7d 7c
79. Loosli Kc Qh, Farber Kd Qd
80. Loosli 3s 3h, McLaughlin Ah Kd
81. Farber Qc Jc, McLaughlin X X
82. Lehavot Ah 5s, Tran 8h 4h
83. Lehavot Ah Ad, Farber 8h 6c
84. Tran Kh 2s, Loosli Qc 5c
85. Riess Jd 2h, Loosli Qh 5h
86. Riess As Ad, Lehavot Ah 8c
87. Farber Ad Qd, Lehavot Kd Jc
88. Farber 4h 4c, Tran 10c 3s
89. Loosli Kh 10d, Farber 5c 4h
90. McLaughlin Ac Qd, Loosli 7h 4c
91. Riess Ks 6s, Loosli Kd Js
92. McLaughlin 10s 7s, Lehavot 4c 2s
93. McLaughlin X X, Lehavot Qd 4h
94. Riess Ah 7s, Tran Jd 9s
95. Tran Kd 3c, Lehavot Qc 10s
96. Lehavot Qh Js, Loosli Kc 8d
97. Riess Ac 10s, Lehavot 6d 2d
98. Farber Kd Jd, Tran Qs Js
99. McLaughlin 3d 3h, Lehavot 9c 2c
100. Riess 3h 3c, Farber Kh 10s
101. McLaughlin Kd 6d, Loosli As 5c
102. Lehavot Js 10d, Loosli As 5c
103. Farber 9h 7s, Riess 7h 4h
104. Riess Ac Qs, Loosli 10d 9h
105. Farber 10s 10h, Loosli Kh 2h
106. Farber 4s 4c, Tran Kd Js
107. Farber 6s 6d, Tran Ac Qd

Level 38
108. Tran Ah Kh, Loosli Qs 5d
109. Tran Kd Jh, Farber 6d 6c
110. Tran Kh Qc, Loosli 9s 9c
111. Lehavot Kh 5c, McLaughlin Jd 9h
112. Loosli Ad 2d, Tran Ac 6s
113. McLaughlin Ah Kh, Tran Ad 7s
114. McLaughlin Ac 4d, Loosli Jc 9d
115. Loosli Ac Qs, McLaughlin Ah 4h
116. Riess Jh Jd, McLaughlin 10c 9c
117. Lehavot Qs 9h, McLaughlin 3c 2s
118. Lehavot 8d 8c, Riess Kd Jc
119. Riess 3s 3d, Farber 8c 5s
120. Loosli Ks 7d, Farber 8s 2s
121. McLaughlin Ad 9c, Riess Ks Jc
122. Farber 5c 4c, Lehavot 7d 2s
123. Tran Ad Jh, McLaughlin Js 8h
124. McLaughlin Jd 8h, Tran Jc 3h
125. Riess As 10d, Farber Qd Js
126. Farber Kd Kh, Tran Ah 6h
127. McLaughlin Ac Kd, Riess As 10d
128. Lehavot As 3d, Riess Jd 4h
129. Lehavot Kc 8s, McLaughlin 7c 6d
130. Loosli Qs Qd, Farber Ac 7c
131. McLaughlin Ah Jc, Farber 4s 3d
132. Tran Ac 5d, Loosli Ks 8c
133. Loosli Kd Kc, Farber Ah 4h
134. Riess 5d 4h, Lehavot Jc 8s
135. McLaughlin X X, Lehavot 10s 5d
136. Tran Ad 3d, McLaughlin Qs 10s
137. McLaughlin Qh Js, Loosli 10d 4c
138. McLaughlin Ad Jc, Loosli 10d 9c
139. McLaughlin Qh Jh, Riess 8c 8s
140. Farber Qd 8d, Lehavot Qc 10h
141. McLaughlin 9s 7s, Loosli 8h 6h
142. Tran Js 7h, McLaughlin Qs 3h
143. Lehavot Ac Qh, Farber Kc 7d
144. Tran Qd Jd, Loosli X X
145. Riess Qc 6c, Loosli 10h 2c
146. Loosli Kd 3d, Lehavot 10d 8c
147. Loosli As 9c, McLaughlin 9s 4h
148. McLaughlin 5h 4h, Tran 10d 9h
149. Farber X X, Tran Qc Js
150. Lehavot X X, Loosli X X
151. Riess Ks 10d, Farber Ac 2c
152. McLaughlin Ad 4d, Lehavot Qh 7s
153. McLaughlin X X, Lehavot 8c 7h
154. Tran Kd 8d, McLaughlin 4d 2h
155. Farber As 10d, McLaughlin 9d 8h
156. McLaughlin Ks Qc, Loosli 9c 7d
*157. Farber As Ah, McLaughlin Ks Kc
158. Riess Ac 8s, Lehavot Kc 7s
159. Lehavot Ks Qs, Farber Kc 4c
160. Riess Qs X, Farber 7s 4s
*161. Farber Ks Qh, Tran Ah 7s
162. Lehavot X X, Riess X X
163. Farber Ks Jh, Lehavot Qs 5c
164. Lehavot Js Jd, Riess Ac 6s
165. Riess Jc X, Loosli 3h 2d
166. Riess Kd 5s, Loosli 10s 4d

Level 39
167. Farber Ac 9d, Lehavot Jh 9h
168. Farber 9d 4c, Lehavot Qh 2c
169. Loosli Js 4c, Farber 8s 5s
*170. Riess Ac 10h, Loosli Qh 7c
*171. Riess 10c 10d, Lehavot 7s 7d


172. Riess Kd Qd, Farber 9d 3s
173. Farber Ac Qd, Riess 10c 2h
174. Riess Kh 10s, Farber As 8d
175. Farber Kd 5s, Riess 10s 7h
176. Riess Kd Jh, Farber 5h 2s
177. Farber Kh Qs, Riess 10c 6c
178. Riess Js 3h, Farber Kh 9c
179. Farber Kc 9h, Riess Jc 3h
180. Farber Kd 7c, Riess Qh 4s
181. Farber 9d 6d, Riess 9c 2h
182. Riess Js Jd, Farber 10h 9d
183. Farber Qs 3h, Riess 7h 3c
184. Riess 6s 4c, Farber Qh 2s
185. Riess Qd Qc, Farber Ad 8s
186. Farber Ad 9h, Riess Kh Qs
187. Riess 7s 6d, Farber Qc 3s
188. Riess Kh 9h, Farber 7c 2d
189. Farber 6s 3c, Riess Jh 7d
190. Riess 7h 4s, Farber Jc 5s
191. Riess Ah Ks, Farber 7c 4c
192. Farber Ah Qd, Riess 5s 2c
193. Riess 7s 6c, Farber Jh 7c
194. Farber Ah 7h, Riess Ks 6h
195. Farber 6d 5h, Riess Qh 7s
196. Riess Ah 3s, Farber 10c 8h
197. Farber As 2c, Riess Qh 3c
198. Riess X X, Farber X X
199. Riess 5s 2h, Farber Jd 4c
200. Riess 6c 5d, Farber Kd 6s
201. Farber Qc 10h, Riess 7s 6c
202. Riess 4h 4d, Farber Qd 3d
203. Riess Kd 2d, Karber Ks 2c
204. Riess Jh Jc, Farber Ac 4h
205. Farber Kh 10c, Riess Qc 8c
206. Farber Ad 3h, Riess Qs 10c
207. Riess Kc 6h, Farber Ks 8d
208. Farber 9c 2d, Riess Ks 6s
209. Riess 10c 5h, Farber 9s 8s
210. Farber As 7d, Riess Qd 6c
211. Riess 9d 8d, Farber 4d 2h
212. Riess Kd 6c, Farber 9h 3s
213. Riess Qh Jd, Farber 8s 3h
214. Riess 10d 8s, Farber 10c 8c
215. Riess 7s 3d, Farber Js 10s
216. Farber Ac Jd, Riess Ks 2d
217. Farber 5h 4d, Riess Kh 8h
218. Farber Ks Kh, Riess Jc 2d
219. Riess Kd 3h, Farber Jd 9d
220. Riess Ac Jd, Farber 5s 5h
221. Riess 8d 2d, Farber Jc 9h
222. Farber 10c 4c, Riess 6c 2h
223. Riess 3d 2d, Farber X X
224. Riess Ad Qs, Farber Kd 2s
225. Riess Ac 6d, Farber 9s 9h
226. Riess 10h 9d, Farber Js 5s
227. Riess Qs Qh, Farber 9d 2s
228. Riess 5c 3s, Farber Qs 5d
229. Farber Jc 10s, Riess Ks 10h

Level 40
230. Farber Kc Jd, Riess 9c 6c
231. Riess 4h 3h, Farber Ad 8c
232. Farber 4c 3c, Riess Qd 2c
233. Farber 7d 4d, Riess Kd Qs
234. Farber 9c 7c, Riess Qs Jc
235. Farber 3s 3h, Riess 4c 2c
236. Farber X X, Riess X X
237. Riess Ah 7s, Farber 8c 4h
238. Riess 8h 2h, Farber 9h 8d
239. Farber Qc 7c, Riess 9h 7h
240. Farber Ah 5c, Riess 9d 8d
241. Riess Ah 10d, Farber 6c 3s
242. Riess 8s 3s, Farber Qh 8c
243. Riess Qs 10c, Farber 8h 5c
244. Farber 5d 4d, Riess 6s 3d
245. Riess 8c 7d, Farber 10h 2c
246. Riess Ah 8d, Farber Jc 10d
247. Riess Kc Qs, Farber 6c 5d
248. Riess Js Jh, Farber Kc Jc
249. Riess 10d 5c, Farber 5h 3h
250. Farber Ac 9d, Riess 10h 3h
251. Farber Qs 6c, Riess 8s 7h
252. Riess As 3s, Farber 7h 2c
253. Farber Ah 10h, Riess 9h 5d
254. Riess 10d 9d, Farber Qh Jd
255. Riess Ks 9s, Farber 4s 3c
256. Riess Kh 7c, Farber 8c 4h
257. Riess Kh 5c, Farber 8s 5h
258. Farber Ac Kc, Riess 9h 7s
259. Farber Jd 9s, Riess Qs 4c
260. Riess Kd 7c, Farber 7d 4s
*261. Riess Ah Kh, Farber Qs 5s

*indicates elimination hand

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