Thursday, May 20, 2021

Leatherface vs. Tricky Dick Now Available for Purchase from Headpress!

Leatherface vs. Tricky Dick: 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' as Political Satire
Hello all. A quick check-in to announce that starting TODAY my new book, Leatherface vs. Tricky Dick: 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' as Political Satire, is available for purchase via the Headpress website!

Today is what they call a "soft" launch, as the book hasn't officially hit the "street," so to speak. The actual publication date is August 9, the anniversary of the day Richard Nixon resigned from office in 1974. But you don't have to wait until then to get it -- you can order it right now from Headpress.

The book presents a minute-by-minute analysis of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre highlighting the film's ongoing commentary on contemporary politics. In particular, I highlight how the film contains many uncanny allusions to the Watergate scandal that played out while the film was conceived, written, shot, edited, and produced. (The movie premiered in early October 1974.) 

I was motivated in part by the filmmakers' own comments about Watergate having in some ways inspired the film. I wrote a blog post for the Headpress website referring to those comments and how they encouraged me to conduct such a deep dive into Chain Saw. You can read that here: "Taking Tobe Hooper's Comment That Watergate Inspired 'Chain Saw' and Running With It."  

You can order the book through the Headpress site as well. Right now you can get the paperback, an e-book version, or a special hardback version (with color photos!) that will only be available via Headpress. Later an audiobook is coming as well. 

Headpress is in the UK, so the prices are as follows: 
  • paperback - £17.99 
  • e-book - £11.99 
  • hardback - £25.00 
If you want to get the hardback, they are running a promotion for the next week. Use the code "1974" when you make your purchase, and the cost is just £19.74. Get it? 

Speaking of 1974, Headpress has created some other fun items to go along with the book -- a "Leatherface 1974 Face of America" shirt and coffee mug. You can find all of that at the Headpress site as well. 

The book will be available everywhere once we get to August, but I wanted to let you know you can get it now. 

(By the way, I've created an Instagram account associated with the book and project, if you're on IG. The account is leatherfacevstrickydick.)

Meanwhile, take a look below at the cool "trailer" Headpress pulled together for the book.

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