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2015 WSOP Main Event Final Table Hole Cards (Complete)

I mentioned yesterday I had something more to share from this week’s 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event final table. Once again I noted hole cards shown during what turned out to be about 11 hours or so worth of coverage on ESPN, and I’m sharing them here for anyone who might be curious.

I’ve done something similar for the last three years. In both 2012 and 2013, I posted the lists here on Hard-Boiled, then over on PokerNews in 2014.

Since PN didn’t do the live updates at the WSOP this year, I decided to post it over here again this time, since part of the point of doing it on PN was to link each hand to the update. I’m not going to go through and link all 184 of these hands to the individual updates on, but you can find them over there if you wish.

In 2012 and 2013, ESPN was only showing hole cards after hands completed. Meanwhile last year and again this year, they would show players’ cards whenever they voluntarily put chips in the middle (and not if they didn’t), with the exception of also showing the big blind’s hand whenever that player folded to raise to end a hand.

At just 184 hands, this was a relatively quick final table, the shortest in the last decade, at least. Here are the totals going back to ’05: 2014 (328 hands), 2013 (261), 2012 (399), 2011 (301), 2010 (262), 2009 (364), 2008 (274), 2007 (205), 2006 (236), 2005 (232).

For those who felt like there seemed to be a lot of premium hands dealt at the final table, well, there were a lot although not necessarily that many more than would be expected. That said, both Joe McKeehen and Neil Blumenfield got more than their share.

McKeehen was dealt all 184 hands, of course. Throwing ace-queen in with the “premiums” -- so, A-A, K-K, Q-Q, A-K, and A-Q -- we saw McKeehen be dealt 16 premium hands (aces three times, kings twice, queens three times, ace-king six times, and ace-queen twice). If my math is right, on average that’s about twice the number of premium hands he’d typically get in 184 hands (just under seven).

Blumenfield got 10 such hands (out of 172), also above the almost 6.5 a player gets on average for that number of hands. Meanwhile the other seven players were right at or a little below the average for getting dealt such hands. Beckley got 5/184 (average would be 6.95, like McKeehen); Steinberg 5/143 (avg. 5.4); Stern 4/121 (4.6); Cannuli 1/74 (2.7); Neuville 3/72 (2.7); Butteroni 0/32 (1.2); and Chan 0/2 (0/1).

I guess Cannuli (who got aces once) and Butteroni (who was dealt none of these hands) might complain a little about their cards at this final table. McKeehen, meanwhile, not only played his big stack well but was steadily dealt plenty of good starting hands, too.

Okay, enough. Here’s the list. An asterisk indicates a bustout hand, and an “X” a card that failed to be read by ESPN. It’s worth noting, too, the slim possibility that ESPN could have reported a card incorrectly, and the greater-than-slim possibility that I could have made a mistake when marking one down.


Level 35

1. Steinberg Ks Jh, Chan 9h 4c
*2. McKeehen Ad 4h, Chan Ks Qc
3. Stern Ad 10c, Blumenfield Qc 8c
4. Neuville 10s 10d, Blumenfield As Ac
5. Steinberg Ad 10h, Blumenfield Qh Qc
6. Blumenfield As 3s, Beckley 10d 8s
7. Stern 10s 7s, Steinberg 5h 5c
8. Steinberg Kh Qh, Cannuli 9h 5d
9. Cannuli Jd 8s, McKeehen Qs X
10. Beckley Kc Qh, Butteroni 8h 2c
11. Beckley As Qh, Blumenfield Jc 9c
12. Blumenfield As 7c, Stern Kh 2c
13. McKeehen Kh 10d, Blumenfield Ac 10h
14. Stern Ah 5d, Beckley 10d 4s
15. Beckley Kh 4d, Steinberg 5c 2d
16. Neuville Kc Qs, Cannuli 9s 5s

Level 36

17. Beckley 10d 8c, McKeehen 6s 4s
18. Blumenfield 2h 2d, McKeehen Kc 10c
19. Steinberg 8s 8d, McKeehen 8c 7h
20. Blumenfield 8h 2h, Stern 9c 2c
21. Butteroni Qc 9c, Neuville Ah 7h
22. McKeehen Kh Kc, Beckley Ks Jd
23. Neuville As 4s, Steinberg 10s 7c
24. Beckley Ac 8c, Cannuli 6s 3s
25. Blumenfield Kh Qh, McKeehen Ks 3h
26. Beckley Ks 10c, Butteroni Qs 3s
27. Stern Ad 9d, Blumenfield Kc 3d
28. Steinberg Js 4s (accidentally exposed), McKeehen Ah 8c, Blumenfield Ad Ks
29. McKeehen 10s 9s, Neuville Jd 8h
30. Blumenfield As Qs, Stern Kh Jh, Neuville Ah Ac
31. Stern Qs 9h, Neuville 4h 4c
32. Neuville Qs Qc, Cannuli Kh 9h
33. Stern Jh Jc, McKeehen 9c 8h
34. Beckley 9d 8s, Steinberg Ac Kc
*35. McKeehen As Ks, Butteroni Ah Jc
36. Cannuli 6h 6c, McKeehen Kh Jh, Stern 5s 2h
37. Stern As 9h, Neuville 9s 8s
38. Steinberg Ah 7h, Beckley 8c 5c
39. Stern 6s 6c, Steinberg 10c 6d
40. McKeehen Ks 10s, Stern Qs Qd
41. Stern As Jc, McKeehen Ah 8c
42. McKeehen Kc 9d, Blumenfield Js 8h
43. Cannuli 6c 4c, Blumenfield Ac 3s
44. McKeehen Ks 5c, Neuville 10c 2d
45. Stern 6s 3s, Beckley Qd Qc
46. Stern As 6c, Steinberg 5d 2d
47. McKeehen 8s 6s, Cannuli Js 4d
48. Blumenfield 4h 4c, Neuville Ac Kh

Level 37

49. Cannuli Ah Js, Blumenfield 10s 6h
50. Steinberg 10s 10c, Stern Ah 6d
51. McKeehen 10c 9h, Neuville 7h 6c
52. Cannuli Qc Js, Beckley 6c 2s
53. McKeehen Qd Qc, Stern 7s 7d, Steinberg 3s 3c
54. Blumenfield Ad 9c, Cannuli Qc Js
55. Steinberg Qh 8d, McKeehen Ad 5h
56. Stern Ah Kh, McKeehen 8d 8c
57. Stern Qc 8h, Blumenfield Ah 2h
58. Cannuli Kh Qd, Blumenfield Kd Jd, Stern Jh Jc
59. Cannuli As Jd, Beckley Qc 6d
60. McKeehen 5s 5d, Stern As Kc
61. Blumenfield Jc 10c, Beckley Qh Qc
62. Cannuli 9h 5h, McKeehen X X
63. Stern Jh 9c, McKeehen As Ac
64. McKeehen Kc 10c, Stern Ad 3h
65. McKeehen Kd 7c, Blumenfield Ad 9s
66. McKeehen Ac 7d, Beckley, Jh 6s
67. Cannuli Ah Jh, Steinberg 4h 3s
68. Blumenfield Qh Qd, Cannuli 8c 6d
69. Beckley Kd 8d, Cannuli Ad Jc
70. Steinberg Kh 9c, McKeehen 8s 4d
71. McKeehen Kd 7d, Stern Jd 8d
*72. McKeehen Jh 6h, Neuville Ac Jc


73. McKeehen 9s 9d, Steinberg Kc Jh
*74. Cannuli As Ac, Steinberg 10h 10d
75. Stern Ad 4h, McKeehen Jc 9c
76. Blumenfield Ad 2d, Steinberg Ah Jd
77. Beckley Ac Qc, Stern 7s 2s
78. McKeehen As 2s, Beckley 10h 6s
79. Beckley Ks 10c, Steinberg 9h 2d
80. Steinberg Jd 6s, McKeehen As X
81. Steinberg As 8h, Steinberg Ks 5c
82. McKeehen 9c 7h, Blumenfield As Ks
83. Steinberg Ac Ks, McKeehen Kh Qh
84. McKeehen 7c 4c, Steinberg Jh 6h
85. Stern Ad Ac, McKeehen Ks 4d
86. McKeehen 4d 3d, Blumenfield Jd 7h
87. McKeehen Kd Kc, Stern 9s 8c
88. McKeehen Ks 8s, Beckley Ah 9h
89. McKeehen Qc 6c, Stern 3s 3h, Beckley As Ac
90. Stern Ad Jc, McKeehen Ks 6h
91. Stern Ad 9d, Blumenfield 10d 3c
92. McKeehen Ks 4h, Stern 8d 7c
93. Blumenfield Ah Kd, Beckley 8h 6d

Level 38

94. Stern Kc 2d, Steinberg Qs Qh
95. Beckley Qh 7c, McKeehen 10s 3s
96. Steinberg Ks 10c, Blumenfield 9d 7c
97. McKeehen 6h 3h, Stern 8d 6d
98. Stern 10s 9s, Beckley As Ah
99. Blumenfield 8s 6s, Steinberg 5c 2h
100. Stern Kc Qd, McKeehen 9c 3s
101. Stern As 9s, Blumenfield 9h 4c
102. McKeehen 4c 2h, Stern 6h 3h
103. McKeehen 5h 4c, Beckley 8h 8c
104. Beckley Js 6d, Steinberg 4d 2d
105. Blumenfield 3s 3c, McKeehen Ah Ad
106. Beckley Kd 7h, Blumenfield 8h 4h
107. McKeehen Jh 2s, Blumenfield Kc 10c, Stern 9c 3c
108. Stern Qd 3s, Beckley 9s 9h
109. McKeehen Ac Jd, Beckley Ad Js
110: Beckley Kh 5c, McKeehen 8h 2s
111. McKeehen Ad Jh, Blumenfield 4h 3c
112. McKeehen Jc 10d, Stern Qh 9h
113. McKeehen Ac 6h, Beckley 8h 8c
114. Beckley Jc 10h, Steinberg 10s 2s
115. Blumenfield Ac 4c, McKeehen 5c 3c
116. Steinberg Kc 10d, Blumenfield 10c 8c
117. McKeehen Ah 5d, Stern 5s 2h
118. Blumenfield Ad 6c, Beckley Qs 3d
119. Beckley Kh 6s, Steinberg As Qd
120. Steinberg 8c 4h. McKeehen 7d 2d
*121. Stern Ac Jh, Blumenfield As Kc
122. McKeehen Js 10s, Blumenfield Ad 5s
123. Beckley As Jd, Steinberg 10s 6h
124. Blumenfield As Ah, Beckley Ks 9s
125. Steinberg Ac Qh, Blumenfield 4h 2s
126. McKeehen Qs Qd, Beckley Jh Js
127. Blumenfield Qh Qd, Steinberg 3s 2h
128. Steinberg Kd 5h, Steinberg Ac 8d
129. Steinberg 7h 3h, McKeehen Ad Qs
130. McKeehen Kd 4s, Blumenfield Kc Jh, Beckley 8h 5h
131. Beckley 6h 2c, Steinberg 7h 2d
132. McKeehen 8h 8d, Beckley Ac 2h
133. McKeehen Qc 2h, Blumenfield Qd 2c
134. McKeehen Ad Kh, Beckley Ks 8c
135. McKeehen 9h 8s, Beckley Qc 9c
136. Steinberg Ah Jh, McKeehen 5s 4d
137. McKeehen 10h 7s, Blumenfield 10d 2d
138. McKeehen Kh 7d, Beckley 7h 6c
139. Blumenfield Ad 4h, Steinberg 6d 3h
140. Blumenfield 10s 9s, McKeehen 7s 5h

Level 39

141. Beckley Kh 3h, Steinberg Ad 8d
142. McKeehen 10h 9h, Beckley 7h 4h
*143. McKeehen Ad Qc, Steinberg Ah Jd


144. Beckley Ks 9h, McKeehen 10c 7s
145. Beckley 10h 6h, McKeehen As 9d
146. McKeehen 5c 4d, Beckley As Jd
147. Blumenfield Ad 3c, Beckley Qd Jd
148. McKeehen Ks 10c, Blumenfield Qh 8d
149. McKeehen 9s 3c, Blumenfield As 9h
150. Beckley As 6c, McKeehen Js 7s
151. Beckley Ad 10c, McKeehen 10s 8h
152. McKeehen Jc 10d, Beckley 9h 9d
153. Blumenfield 9s 9h, McKeehen Jd 10c
154. McKeehen Qd 6d, Blumenfield Kc 3c
155. McKeehen Qc 9c, Beckley 7s 2d
156. Beckley Jh 9h, McKeehen 9d 2s
157. McKeehen As Ah, Blumenfield Kd 4s
158. McKeehen Kh 10s, Beckley 5h 3c
159. Beckley Qh 8h, McKeehen 9s 8c
160. Beckley Ks Jc, Blumenfield Ah 7h
161. McKeehen 5c 5s, Beckley As 7c
162. Beckley Ac 6h, McKeehen 10d 8h
163. McKeehen Ac 5s, Blumenfield 9d 4c
164. McKeehen 7h 6s, Beckley Ac 2s
165. Beckley 9h 2c, McKeehen 7h 6s
166. McKeehen Ad Kc, Blumenfield Jd 4d
167. McKeehen Qh 8h, Beckley 10h 2d
168. Beckley Qc 6h, McKeehen X X
169. McKeehen Ac Js, Blumenfield Jd 2s
170. McKeehen Qh 5c, Beckley Kd 9s
171. Blumenfield Qd Jd, McKeehen 7d 6c
*172. Beckley As 7d, McKeehen Qs Qh, Blumenfield 2d 2h
173. McKeehen Ad Ks, Beckley 9h 7h
174. Beckley 10c 6s, McKeehen 10h 7h
175. McKeehen 10s 8c, Beckley Qh 2d
176. Beckley Qc 9c, McKeehen 10d 4d
177. McKeehen 7s 5c, Beckley Kd 4c
178. Beckley Qc 7s, McKeehen Jh 8h
179. McKeehen Qh Jc, Beckley Ks Qs
180. Beckley 9h 4c, McKeehen As Kh
181. McKeehen 8c 5d, Beckley 8s 2s
182. Beckley As 2h, McKeehen 10s 10h
183. McKeehen Ad Kc, Beckley 8s 7h
*184. Beckley 4d 4c, McKeehen Ah 10d

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Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

with the exception of also showing the big blind’s hand whenever that player folded to raise to end a hand.

I'm glad they did this. On one deal, a short stack shoved, and it folded to Neuville who had Ah7h, and he folded. His hand plays well against the short stack's range, and this wasn't what I expected from somebody as good as Neuville.

11/12/2015 1:08 PM  

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