Saturday, January 10, 2015

Travel Report: 2015 PCA, Day 4 -- Kay More Than Okay

More rapid-fire posting this morning as yet another day of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is quickly approaching.

They managed to wrap up the LAPT Bahamas Main Event yesterday, which for most of the day was The Martin Finger Show as he ran white-hot while mowing down most of the final table, knocking out everyone, in fact, except one player.

Then the German now living in Austria took a better than 2-to-1 chip lead up against the Michigan-based Josh Kay who had started the day in first position. Kay had been particularly snug for most of the day, but opened up noticeably at that point with some aggressive play. Then he began picking up several big hands, flopping trips, a straight, and a flush within the space of just a few hands and earning value in each case.

Kay had grabbed the lead. Then in a final hand that saw him flopping a set of nines he was able to get Finger to commit his last chips on the strength of a turned top pair, and one card later Kay had won. He ran incredibly well at the end, but Kay played very well, too, and came away a worthy champ.

Kay’s victory saved us from coming up with a term to describe a player winning an EPT Main Event, a WSOP bracelet, and a LAPT Main Event -- something Finger was on the precipice of accomplishing before getting thwarted at the end. Still, the turn of events allowed me to make one big pun at the end (“Kay breaks Finger’s momentum”).

Here’s my full recap at the end that links back to all of the Day 3 action. Meanwhile, the Main Event moves on to Day 2 today with just over 500 players still in action there. A few more can still join in as late registration doesn’t close until the start of play today.

Click over to the PokerStars blog today for PCA Main Event coverage, and also follow the live reporting at PokerNews for hands, counts, and the usual.

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