Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Scrambling Before the Scramble

Was starting to look like “one of those days” early on yesterday. In the end, though, it turned out thankfully unremarkable (if you don’t count what happened in the U.S. Senate, that is).

First off went to my local polling place to try to vote and discovered I was unable to. I suspected I might run into difficulty given that I’d only mailed in my new registration a couple of weeks ago, and I think the cutoff for getting that sucker in was 25 days out.

Having moved to the farm about 10 months back, I’m in a new county now and so have to change my voter registration in order to vote here. But since it has been too long since I lived at my last address, I couldn’t go back and vote where I used to before. There might actually have been a way for me to vote yesterday, but after wasting an hour on it I had too much work to do to look into it any further, so unfortunately my efforts were thwarted there.

After that excursion I ran an errand to pick up some items for the horses, but there was no one there and so that turned out to be a wasted trip as well. I drove back home, and upon arrival discovered I’d locked myself out of the house with another six hours or so to go before Vera got back home.

Not good, I thought. Thankfully, though, Vera was able to save me from an afternoon of grazing with the horses, and I didn’t have to lose all those hours, work-wise.

Am scrambling around trying to get a lot of things done before I take off tomorrow for a relatively short tourney trip down to Jacksonville. There I’ll be helping cover the World Poker Tour bestbet Bounty Scramble, a $5,000 tourney with two starting days, $2,500 bounties on select players, and a $5,000 “chip leader bonus” for Days 1a and 1b.

I had fun at the Jax bestbet a year ago where the venue is nice and inviting and the staff great, too. Will do what I can to provide the occasional reports here as it goes, although I imagine like with LAPT Peru last month all I’ll likely be able to manage will be a few quick hits along the way.

I will be in Jacksonville during the November Nine, as this event’s final table will be next Tuesday when that will be finishing up. I might see if I can figure out how to DVR all that to see it after I return, but I won’t be there watching every hand this time as I have the last few years.

Travel day tomorrow, then more to come from the Sunshine State after that. Here’s hoping all goes as smoothly as things turned out today despite the rocky start.

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