Thursday, January 10, 2013

Perusing the PCA’s Progress

Busy week. When it comes to poker, I’ve been doing a lot more reading about the game than playing it or writing about it these last few days, including following events down at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure where the Main Event is now well underway.

There’s a ton of coverage emanating every day from the Atlantis resort. Have spent the last few days reading about Scott Seiver taking down the $100K Super High Roller event and a $2 million-plus first prize, Peter Jetten winning the first ever Open Face Chinese tourney (which saw 59 entries), and the first few days of the Main Event.

Indeed, for the ME the coverage has been especially extensive. For example, just yesterday the PokerStars blog team churned out more than a dozen features discussing the Main Event, covering both the action on the tables and other contextual color.

Among my favorite posts on the PS blog from yesterday were a couple from Stephen Bartley describing the surrounding environs, including the hallways and the poker kitchen. Brad Willis wrote at length about Jason Mercier and Shaun Deeb’s late morning Q&A focusing largely on Open Face Chinese, then later pointed readers to Sarah Grant’s interview with 18-time Olympic gold medal winner Michael Phelps who played the ME before busting late on Day 2. And those two, Sergio Prado, and Rick Dacey additionally provided updates regarding the action as the field continued to shrink from the original 987 entries down to 166 players.

Meanwhile over on PokerNews one finds the usual hand reports and chip count updates to help readers keep up with the tourney’s progress. Amid their coverage yesterday, Josh Cahlik managed to sneak in “An Orbit with an Olympian,” reporting a sequence of hands involving Phelps prior to the swimmer’s being eliminated later in the evening. And of course Joe Giron is there adding further to the coverage with his photos, not to mention the other videos with Sarah and Kristy Arnett.

PokerListings and Bluff are there, too, frequently filing reports. And there will be live streaming of the PCA Main Event final table (with commentary) on Sunday over on

It sounds like the money bubble will likely be bursting today, with the real drama reserved for the weekend when a champion will be found. As I was saying last week, it would be nice to be there, but it’s not too bad being able to follow it all from afar, either.

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