Thursday, August 25, 2011

Linking Out

Today I wanted to point to a few items elsewhere on the intertubes. What I've been doing besides sitting on the couch, seeing if it is going to wiggle again.

My partner-in-crime Jen Newell and I contributed a couple of new columns this week for our “He Said/She Said” series over on Woman Poker Player. This time we decided to write about the incredible WSOP Main Event run made by the couple, Erika Moutinho and David “Doc” Sands, who finished 29th and 30th respectively.

'He Said/She Said'There are a few reasons why I especially like writing these WPP columns. For one, they generally concern interesting topics and allow a chance to offer some personal opinion/perspective. I also get a kick out of seeing what Jen comes up with, too, as she invariably brings up different points or ideas. There’s also a significant challenge involved, trying to write as though representing the perspective of all men (not really possible, I’d argue, but interesting to try).

Anyhow, if you click over you will find Jen commenting on how she responded to coverage of/response to the Moutinho-Sands story. Then you’ll see me share my response to it (while also talking about covering it), and in fact admitting to some of the biases Jen brings up.

Epic PokerThere are couple of other items I’ve written recently I wanted to pass along. My “Community Cards” column on poker in popular culture continues over on the Epic Poker site. The most recent one, titled “Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Plays Poker,” concerns that lawsuit against Tobey Maguire being filed by those hoping to recover money he allegedly won off of a Ponzi schemer in that big Hollywood home game.

Betfair PokerAlso, last week over on Betfair Poker I wrote something about the restart of my “Poker in American Film and Culture” course titled “Shuffle Up and Study.” There I talk a bit about the experience of teaching the class as well as how doing so has affected the way I’m seeing poker’s role and significance in the “mainstream.”

Finally, if you’re not completely Shamus-ed out -- or if you are just curious for some more personal stuff -- I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mary Coopman for the Pondering Poker podcast.

Pondering PokerMary and I had a wide-ranging, fun discussion in which we talked about writing, podcasts (including the still-on-hiatus Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show), the WSOP, Black Friday, my class, and a few other topics. Mary ended up posting the interview in two parts: Part 1 & Part 2.

Like I say, it was a most enjoyable conversation, and while it probably covers a lot more than most would ever want to know about your humble scribbler, I figured there might be a few reading this blog who might be curious.

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Blogger PokerLawyer said...

Love the he said/she said posts. And thanks for turning me on to the Pondering Poker podcast!

8/26/2011 10:37 AM  

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