Friday, May 14, 2010

Completing the Circle: WSOP Bloggers Roundtable

WSOP Bloggers RoundtableThe second part of my “WSOP Bloggers Roundtable” is now up over on Betfair Poker. This one includes contributions from Change100, “Mean Gene” Bromberg, AlCantHang, ESPN’s Andrew Feldman, Chops, and Pokerati Dan.

If you missed part one -- featuring F-Train, Brad “Otis” Willis, Benjo, Michele Lewis, Dr. Pauly, and Jason “Spaceman” Kirk -- the idea was to ask some of your favorite poker bloggers (who have covered the World Series) questions about the 2010 WSOP as well as about their past WSOP experiences.

I seriously could have asked a couple dozen more to contribute here, but I had to stop somewhere. Will probably try something similar down the road, at which time I might try to recruit others.

I asked six questions altogether. The first was simply asking which stories and/or players the bloggers were most looking forward to covering. I then asked about the new events (the $50,000 “Poker Player’s Championship,” the $25,000 NLHE six-max event, the newly-formatted Tournament of Champions, etc.) as well as their opinions about the November Nine, back for a third year.

Next was a question about the current status of the World Series of Poker and its overall significance to poker, generally speaking. That is, to what extent does the health of the WSOP serve as an indicator of the health of the game overall? Some interesting -- and varied -- responses to that one.

Finally came two questions about covering the WSOP -- one asking about the bloggers’ most memorable experiences while reporting, and the other asking what they liked most/least about working the Series. Those questions might have elicited the most compelling responses of all -- some great stories in there.

I can’t say I necessarily anticipated anything in particular when coming up with this here ideer, but in the end I was blown away by how thoughtful and entertaining the responses were. If you like poker, the WSOP, and good writing about both, you’ll absolutely dig this roundtable.

I know we live in a “tl, dr” (“too long, didn’t read”) world, where anything over 140 characters is viewed by many as an undesired commitment. But if you’re reading this blog, I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re probably the sort of person who doesn’t mind lengthier stuff -- so go check it out!
  • WSOP Bloggers Roundtable, Part 1 (F-Train, Brad “Otis” Willis, Benjo, Michele Lewis, Dr. Pauly, and Jason “Spaceman” Kirk)

  • WSOP Bloggers Roundtable, Part 2 (Change100, “Mean Gene” Bromberg, AlCantHang, ESPN’s Andrew Feldman, Chops, and Pokerati Dan)
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    Thanks again for the invitation to participate in the round table.

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