Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vegas Heating Up

Vegas is starting to heat upAnd I ain’t just talking about the World Series of Poker, which begins on Friday.

Weather has been quite mild for my first few days here. When I arrived on Sunday, the high (according to was a cool 70⁰F. Has been gradually creeping upward all week, though. The forecast for the next few days seems to indicate a return to what one would expect Vegas to be like as we hurtle June-ward: 85⁰F on Thurs., then 89⁰F on Fri., then 94⁰F on Sat.

I did bring the sunscreen. Though I don’t expect to be worrying all that much about harmful ultraviolet rays by week’s end.

Am pretty much settled in by now. Finally made that all-important grocery run yesterday. Definitely makes one’s digs seem less desolate once the cupboards are no longer bare.

Also helping with the adjustment are the various peoples I’ve gotten to meet over the last couple of days. Have already gotten together with several of those whom I’d previously known in various ways via the intertubes though had never met in person. All are turning out to be cool cats, making my first few days in Vegas all the better. Will be meeting a bunch more tomorrow as we ramp up to Day 1 on Friday with a few more pre-Series sessions.

There’s Dan & Jen, who have already hit the ground running over at Pokerati where they’ll be reporting for the entire WSOP. And Bob, the Poker Grump. (I didn’t mention in my post yesterday how observant Bob was at the poker table -- way beyond a live game novice like myself. If you happened to have read his post about our session, you saw an example of that.)

Last night I met up with Haley Hintze, Managing Editor at PokerNews, and we had a good time chatting about the roads that led us here (and what lies ahead). Then today I met Garry Gates, PokerNews’ Tournament Reporting Manager and cool guy, who did a great job leading today’s meeting.

After this afternoon’s meeting I swung by the Palms to check whether or not I’d scored that $100 for hitting my diamond flush on Tuesday (described here). Alas, I did not. “Poker room jackpots are TOTALLY rigged, you know,” explained the Poker Grump when I told him I’d missed out on the hundy. Be hard to prove otherwise, wouldn’t it?

Doesn’t matter. Looking at the big picture, I still feel as though I’m running especially well. And I ain’t just talking about the poker.

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Blogger Gene said...

Just wait till July, when it's 110 every day. 94 degrees will seem a bit chilly.

Speaking of chilly it's gonna be about 55 degrees in the Amazon Room. The difference will catch your attention.

5/28/2008 10:54 PM  

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