Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bowling Not As Easy As It Looks

Bowling isn't as easy as it looksHad a fun evening last night over at the Gold Coast with Pokerati Dan and California Jen.

Enjoyed a heaping plate of Kung Pao Chicken at Ping Pang Pong, then went bowling for the first time in many, many years. Was a bit mortified at first by my incompetency, with my string of open frames (and a few gutterballs) sandwiched between Jen and Dan’s effortless-appearing strikes & spares. I think I said at one point “It’s like the ball is bowling me.” Switched to a lighter ball in the second game and actually competed for the first five frames or so before fading enough to fall just short of triple digits. (Gadzooks I ain’t.)

Here’s the scorecard for the second game, courtesy of Jen. (Game one was too horrific for me to share, although I will report Jen dazzled with a 161, Dan was strong with a 140, and I was somewhere way the hell south of both.)

Notice how in game two I fell apart after the sixth frame. Notice also how Dan choked in the tenth.

Also enjoyed our post-game convo on poker, writing, and different ways of combining the two. Had to bail shortly after midnight, as I was still only a day removed from Eastern time and thus running on fumes. Will definitely have to adjust the internal clock here over the next couple of days.

Plan today is first and foremost to try to make a grocery run (still nothing in the fridge at present except two pieces of that pepperoni pizza I ordered the first night), then meet up with the Poker Grump, one of my partners in crime over on the Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show. It is possible I may try to get some more live poker in today. More likely, though, I will just rest up a bit and ready myself for the meetings tomorrow and Thursday in anticipation of Friday’s Day 1.

Over at the Rio, they’ll be having that “soft opening” we heard about when the schedule was first announced. Not sure what exactly is on tap tomorrow, other than ongoing registration and maybe some satellites. On Thursday at noon will come one of those “mega-satellites,” a $500 freeze-out for Main Event seats. Stay tuned over at PokerNews for all the latest.

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Blogger Dantana said...

I can't believe this post gets no comments! Must mean it is up on refrigerators all over the country.

5/28/2008 1:42 AM  

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