Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Travel Report, EPT12 Dublin, Day 6 -- Picture This

Spent the greater part of the day at the RDS again in Dublin, helping to cover Day 3 of the European Poker Tour Dublin Main Event where they managed to play down to 45 players by the end of the night.

Nothing especially out of the ordinary to report from today. I suppose one of the funnier moments for me came some time after the bubble burst.

Having covered poker tournaments for many years now, it’s been a long time since I’ve been at all inspired to take a photo from inside the tournament rooms. When I get home from these trips, I usually have a few dozen photos taken as a tourist of the city I’m visiting, and perhaps just one or two snuck in there that provide evidence that I was actually at a poker tournament.

However the one time it occasionally occurs to me to snap a pic at a tournament is on the bubble, usually during an all-in-a-call situation. The scene is just interesting enough -- probably more because it simply looks differently with players standing and media gathered around -- that I might pull out my phone and snap one.

That’s what happened today (as shown above). Of course that’s a moment when there are usually a lot of other folks taking pictures, too, namely those who are being paid to do so.

One of them today was my friend Danny Maxwell here shooting for PokerNews. (You can see Danny in the photo above, taking pictures along with Jules Pochy and Neil Stoddart.) I’ve had a few conversations with Danny this week about Ireland (his home country). A little later he tweeted a picture, noting how he could spot me in it. Can you?

(You can click on both of the photos above to embiggen.)

Will be back at it tomorrow, this time moving over to help with the first day of the €10K High Roller. Check out the PokerStars blog for coverage of that and the Main Event. You might see me around the edges of some of the photos, although I doubt I’ll be taking any pics myself.

Photo (bottom): courtesy Danny Maxwell/PokerNews.

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