Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Thanksgiving, DVR’d

The flights home were fine yesterday and I made it home safe and more or less sound.

Between the longish ride to the São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (about an hour-and-a-half), the flight to Miami where I had a couple of hours’ layover, the flight home, then the drive after that (nearly another hour), it took something close to 20 hours to get all the way back.

Everything went relatively smoothly, though, save one moment right at the start of the trip when checking in. “There’s a problem with your ticket,” said the agent, letting me brood on that for close to 10 minutes before it was finally determined that there was no problem at all. It was enough time to make me feel grateful afterwards for what has been a relatively lengthy period of run good (literally), all things considered, when it has come to all of my trips.

Was glad to reunite with Vera and all of our four-legged friends on the farm, then tonight she surprised me with a belated Thanksgiving dinner (pictured above). It was like she DVR’d the meal for me to enjoy once I got back. The only thing missing was football on the tube, although as I mentioned before that was the one part of the holiday I didn’t miss while in Brazil.

Will get back to poker stuff, tomorrow. For now I’m thankful for everyone in Brazil who made my trip a good one, thankful to be home, and thankful for the slice of pumpkin pie that awaits.

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