Monday, September 29, 2014

The Wonder of WCOOP

No time or energy to write today as I’m in the middle of several different projects with deadlines looming.

Just wanted to mention briefly -- and with a due measure of awe -- how crazy it is again to think of how friggin’ big the World Championship of Online Poker continues to be on PokerStars.

For the first three years after Black Friday I kept writing here about the WCOOPs doing just fine without the U.S. players, holding steady and then increasing in numbers from 2011-2013. It’s been another huge series again this year, with the $5,200 Main Event drawing an amazing 2,142 players to create a $10,710,000 prize pool.

Just think of how few live tournaments build such a prize pool during the course of the year. Still amazing to consider, even from this distance.

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Blogger Michael Fisher said...

Surely it's only amazing in the sense that we have such low expectations of player numbers at poker

The world & his dog is gambling by buying scratch cards & lottery tickets - millions of people in Europe do this
Millions of people in North America do the same

It is unreasonable in my opinion that only around 70 people per million play poker online - but that's where we are
More leveraging of the "fun" aspect of skill money games is required, but I think we're getting there with PokerStars Spin & similar promotions

The future of poker is any format that can be played on a smartphone - that's where the money is & will build the player base

10/01/2014 11:02 PM  

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