Friday, July 04, 2014

For the Fourth

Not too much time today as Vera and I are off to a Fourth of July get-together tonight where I understand a certain, significant number of pounds’ worth of fireworks may be involved. I did, though, want to point you to a couple of posts over on Learn.PokerNews from today, one of which is mine.

Was watching the WSOP live stream of the $10,000 Seven-Card Stud Championship final table last night where 90-year-old Henry Orenstein finished eighth, then spent about 20 minutes in the booth with David Tuchman to talk about his life, poker, and other things.

Orenstein, of course, is a Poker Hall of Famer who was inducted in 2008 primarily for his having patented the hole card camera a few years before the “boom” hit and the popularity of televised poker helped expand the game considerably about a decade ago. He’s also a Holocaust survivor, toymaker, inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a WSOP bracelet holder (having won a stud event in 1996).

I have to think his making the final table of the $10K Stud event has to represent a record for the oldest ever WSOP final tablist, although I haven’t seen that noted anywhere as yet. In any case, some of Orenstein’s comments on the live stream about having learned poker as a child and continuing to play it as a nonagenarian inspired the article “Ask Orenstein: Poker is a Great Game for Both Young and Old.”

I like Orenstein’s positive message about poker, particularly during this week when there’s been so much talk -- some worthwhile, some frustratingly short-sighted -- about the “dark side” of the game.

Also posted today on Learn is a neat one from Tommy Angelo titled “The World Series of Pain” in which he talks about playing in the cash games at the WSOP -- amid “the ocean of pain” that is the Rio at this time of year -- and finding a way to remain at peace. It’s another cool, funny story from Tommy with genuinely useful advice... check it out.

Meanwhile, I’m off to enjoy a hot dog or two and appreciate loud noises and flashing colors. Have a good weekend, all.

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