Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homer, Then Home

Home safe and sound after a long trip from Monday to Tuesday and from continent to continent. Was a great trip and I have to thank all of the LAPT and PokerStars folks for helping making it so.

I actually have only a little time here on the farm before I’ll be heading back out for another tourney journey, this time northward to the World Poker Tour National: Canadian Spring Championship happening at the Playground Poker Club near Montreal.

I mentioned a few times on the Chile trip how I’d been intending to go for a run at some point, and indeed finally managed to yesterday morning. I ran only about a mile or so on the beach, traveling first north then south through the soft sand.

It was overcast again, as it was for most of the mornings this week, although the temps were mild which made for a pleasant time out. I looked up now and then at the hotels and other tall structures as I went, again thinking about earthquakes. There were a few other runners about. And dogs, of course. And also a sand Homer Simpson passed out along one of the boardwalks.

I left the iPod in the hotel room and so was left with my own thoughts as I ran. I found myself thinking a little more specifically about being in another part of the world so far away from home, more than 5,000 miles in fact, kind of imagining the map and the long, slinky Chilean coast against which the Pacific meets. And a tiny little speck of me moving slowing along it.

We’ll see if I manage to do any running at all this coming week. Am doubtful, in part because I’ll be staying some distance from the venue, which’ll add some extra time the the front and back of each of the long days.

Gonna sign off and enjoy these hours here with Vera and all the animals. It may or may not be true that I sent her a message during the week asking “how are Samalam, the Magster, Sweetums, Lilypoo, Big Moe, and Frecklepants?”

The traveling is great fun and I’m grateful for the chance to do it, but really I’m a homer.

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