Thursday, February 13, 2014

Farming on the Moon

Snowed under here at the farm. Lost power for a few hours today, although it’s back now. Thankfully temps aren’t dropping too low tonight -- although it will be below freezing -- and it appears the warming will begin in earnest tomorrow and over the weekend.

Those few hours without power today weren’t all bad, as I was able to read and enjoy the postcard-like scene outside while being disconnected. As you might have guessed, we’ve taken a ton of pictures over the last couple of days, many of which will do nicely for Christmas cards. Doing chores today and Vera took that one of me -- looks like I'm farming on the moon. (Someone else added the animation.)

Now that we’re back online, I wanted to pass along a couple of items that went up today on the Learn.PokerNews site.

One is a new piece from Andrew Brokos (of Thinking Poker) which is actually the first of a two-parter on “Getting Started With Hand Reading.” In this one Andrew starts to distinguish the idea -- largely fanciful -- of putting a player on an exact hand from the more practical approach of narrowing an opponent down to a range of possible holdings.

Also up today is a neat interview Michelle Orpe conducted with the U.K. player Oliver Price. I had a chance to meet and talk to Price briefly not too long ago at EPT10 Deauville where he ended up finishing third. Nice, thoughtful guy, and he really took his time answering Michelle’s questions about how he got started and about advice for new players. Though primarily a cash game player, he’s emerging as “one to watch” on the tourney circuit after putting up some nice results over the last few months.

Gotta cut things short as there are various duties to attend to now that the power is back on, including making sure we’re prepared in case it goes out again.

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