Tuesday, December 24, 2013

OFCP at the WSOP?

A quick hello here mainly to wish all a happy Xmas eve as Vera and I are about to go spend time with folks today and tomorrow.

I think I might’ve mentioned here at some point how we’ve bought ourselves a farm on which to keep Vera’s horses and are preparing for the move in the coming days. That to the left is an early present from your humble scribbler to his beloved, something I think will be getting a lot of use once we make the move. (I’ll have to start signing off as “Old McShamus.”)

Meanwhile, I was intrigued by the Twitter discussion yesterday regarding Open-Face Chinese Poker and the possibility of it being added to the 2014 World Series of Poker schedule as a bracelet event. Ended up posting a little summary of the discussion over on Learn.PokerNews this morning, including adding a poll question at the bottom about it. Take a look and perhaps click “yes” or “no” at the end, if you like clicking things and I know you do.

The most interesting part of the debate, I think, is how some are arguing OFCP isn’t really “poker” because it doesn’t involve betting (in the traditional sense) or appear to provide opportunities for bluffing. I think both counts might be debated somewhat, although I tend to agree that the game strikes me as being a lot more like gin rummy or even spades or hearts than it does poker, even if it does involve making poker hands.

I probably lean toward the group who oppose making OFCP a bracelet event, especially so soon after being introduced to the majority of those who play it. I do like the game, and in fact not long ago downloaded the “ABC Chinese Poker: Open Face” app which I’ve enjoyed playing quite a bit. If you have the app, find me and let’s play -- I’m “ShortStackedShamus” there in the Game Center thingy.

But like I say, I’m dubious about OFCP’s inclusion as a WSOP bracelet event for most of the same reasons others have voiced. I also am not sure adequate tournament rules have been devised for the game yet, either, another reason to think twice about adding it at the WSOP.

Anyhow, check out that summary of yesterday’s debate and let me know what you think about it all. Meanwhile, we need to load up the wheelbarrow with gifts for our travels today. Enjoy the day, all!

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