Monday, October 01, 2012

thejim2020 Sees Way to Hard-Boiled Poker Home Games Player of the Season (Season 1)

Various obligations got in the way of my posting earlier today, I’m afraid. I did, however, want to report on a successful finale to Season 1 of the Hard-Boiled Poker Home Games Series.

I mean I realize some people might be distracted by that other tournament series currently playing out this week in Cannes, France. But for those contending for the title of HBP HG Player of the Season for this inaugural season, the WSOPE necessarily took a back seat for a few hours Sunday night.

Yesterday we played Event Nos. 19 and 20, again following a similar schedule to the one employed for the previous nine Sundays (with one tourney at 20:00 ET and the other at 21:00 ET).

In the earlier event, a no-limit hold’em tourney, it was it was AvoidOddLaw winning after outlasting Grange95, with RiVeRrAtAcE taking third.

The final event was an 8-game mixed tournament, and thejim2020 grabbed the gold in that one, outlasting Bruckner_7th (2nd) and Foaming_H (3rd) to do so. (I managed to just miss the medal stand in both events last night, twice taking fourth.)

After Event No. 19 it appeared Grange95 (of the great crAAKKer blog) -- winner of four events during Season 1 -- was in good shape to earn Player of the Series, sitting in first and a few points ahead of thejim2020. But thejim2020’s victory in the final event was enough to nudge his total into the lead to win the title. That was thejim2020’s third tourney win in Season 1, plus he had several more high finishes to accumulate the needed points. To the left are complete standings for Season 1 (click to enlarge).

As I mentioned yesterday, thejim2020 gets a copy of Poker: Bets, Bluffs and Bad Beats by Al Alvarez for his efforts. Meanwhile Season 1 runner-up Grange95 and third-place finisher SmBoatDrinks will each be sent copies of Zach Elwood’s Reading Poker Tells.

Season 2 of the HBP Home Games will kick off this coming Sunday with two more events. If you’d like to play in Season 2 and aren’t already in my PokerStars Home Game, look over in the right-hand column for sign-up info. (All events are free -- i.e., for play chips.)

Before I schedule this Sunday’s events -- and before I plot out the rest of the second season -- let me ask anyone with suggestions and/or feedback to leave me a comment either about Season 1 or what I should consider for Season 2.

Also, if there are any poker authors or others with an interest in sponsoring the HBP Home Games with prizes, do let me know that as well.

Congratulations to thejim2020 and thanks again to everyone who played in Season 1. Big fun, folks!

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