Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Game Hijinks

PokerStars Home GamesHad some fun last night hosting a PokerStars “Home Game” (for play money, natch). Got 15 players to join an 8-game mix tourney I humbly dubbed the “Poker Players Championship.” Also started a “second chance” no-limit hold’em tourney that got almost as many runners and provided some additional grins as well.

Kevmath took down the HBP PPC, outlasting Grange95 and Gambit (who also “cashed”). And Gambit won the second chance event, with insider66 taking second and Merchdawg third.

The 8-game tourney I created had five-minute levels and 3,000 starting chips, and with 15 players it ended up lasting a little over two-and-a-half hours. Meanwhile, the second chance NLHE tourney had three-minute levels and 3,000 to start, and lasted just under an hour.

Had fun during the 8-game event occasionally tossing out faux announcements when games were changing, e.g., “We are now switching the game to 600/1200 Mumbletypeg.” At one point Kevmath asked if Cat’s Cradle could be included, to which I evoked a strict rule -- no string games.

By the way, we also all made sure to ask Kevmath for links to the live stream. And when the reentry period ended.

I’m thinking it might be fun to establish a regular Sunday night game with a main tourney going off at 20:00 ET and a “second chance” one at 21:00 ET. That time frame seems to work for both east and west coasters (although perhaps not so much for our friends in Europe and elsewhere).

Perhaps I can rotate the games for both, with the main tourney always featuring a slower structure than the second chance one, and a goal for both to get done by 10 or 10:30 p.m. ET. Of course, if we get a lot of players it will necessarily take longer to complete, but I’ll try to monitor that (and adjust) as we go.

I’ll start a new “season” of tourneys this week, too, and post the standings here as it unfolds. Gonna ponder a little further on it over the next few days and then announce a schedule. Perhaps I can come up with a prize or three for those who come out on top at season’s end, too.

Hard-Boiled Poker Home GameFor now, though, I’ll open it all up to suggestions -- types of tourneys, times, prizes, etc. Comment here or via Twitter @hardboiledpoker. For now, the first event will tentatively be scheduled for this Sunday, July 29, at 20:00 ET, with a “second chance” event at 21:00 ET.

Meanwhile, if you want to join my Home Game, the Club ID number is 530631 and Invitation code noshinola.

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Blogger Gambit said...

I motion for the season to include last night's results.


7/23/2012 1:47 PM  

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