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2011 Poker Hall of Fame: How Would You Vote?

2011 Poker Hall of FameNot much time for scribblin’ today. I did, however, want to mention that announcement this week of the nominees or “finalists” for this year’s Poker Hall of Fame. And also to pass along that I’ve been given the honor of participating in the voting once more.

The finalists are Annie Duke, Barry Greenstein, Jennifer Harman-Traniello, Linda Johnson, John Juanda, Marcel Luske, Jack McClelland, Tom McEvoy, Scotty Nguyen, and Huck Seed.

Not a simple task, this.

The way the voting works, we are allowed to vote for as many as three of the 10 who have been nominated. We can also vote for two, one, or none. Each voter gets 10 points to distribute among the individuals for whom we wish to vote. Then all of the votes are tallied, and the top two get in (as long as each gets a certain minimum of points, I think).

I’ve written a piece over on Betfair poker that goes over the criteria and voting procedure more thoroughly. I also talk about all 10 of the nominees a bit over there.

We’ll be voting next week. I assume the winners will be announced shortly thereafter. Then later they will be honored at the Rio as part of the whole November Nine shindig.

So, let me ask here the same question I asked over at Betfair. How would you vote?

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Blogger Rua said...

Greenstein is a must vote, I might give him 6 points and then split my remaining points between Huck seed and Tom McEvoy.

10/07/2011 6:02 PM  
Blogger bellatrix78 said...

Greenstein also for me. Maybe 6-7 points. The rest should go to Linda Johnson. Not because of her play, but her contributions to the game via Cardplayer (putting a taint of seriousness / entertainment to a venture that was chastized back then) and the early days of the WPT.

10/10/2011 11:17 AM  
Blogger Stock said...

McEvoy, Johnson, and McClelland are the obvious choices. They are all trail blazers that set the game up for the popularity it enjoys.

Think history, contribution to the game with their written words, and tournament records. Also, I've never seen any of them behaving in a negative manner.

No disrespect to the others but these three are head and shoulders above them.

10/10/2011 8:02 PM  
Blogger K-REX said...

I may be a bit biased, as Linda Johnson is my best friend and business partner, but I'd give the majority of my votes to her. She has done more for the industry than anyone - and has contributed more, on both sides of the table, than anyone ever or likely in the future. She not only excels as a player and has one WSOP bracelet, but has changed the course of poker for many.

She assisted in the formation of the founding of the WPT and was the live studio announcer for the first six seasons. Many of you may not realize that. She also brought Card Player Magazine into the glossy print and huge magazine it is today (and moreso before Black Friday)as the editor and owner. She helped found the TDA, Poker Gives, and was the original chairperson of the PPA and is still a board member.

She is an instructor for WPT Boot Camp, a partner in Card Player Cruises, and hosts both charity and live tournaments around the world. She mentors young/new players and has been a role model to many for nearly 30 years.

Those are just some of her amazing accomplishments. If that doesn't deserve recognition by the Poker Hall of Fame, I'm not sure I understand what the HOF would be all about. Playing well is huge, of course, but giving back to the industry that has been so good to her (as well as giving back in all walks of life) has always been her top priority. There are many deserving candidates on the induction nominees list, but in my opinion, none as all around deserving as Linda Johnson, the First Lady of Poker.

10/11/2011 2:54 AM  
Blogger Janice G said...

I think a HOF member has to be more than a good poker player. They have to be a role model. They need to give back. Based on that I would certainly vote for Linda Johnson. She works tirelessly for the betterment of poker with every breath she takes. She teaches. She's an advocate. She is a philanthropist. She is also a player. She covers it all.

I would also vote for Greenstein for his philanthropy. I would vote for Tom McEvoy for his contributions through his books. When a lot of us started playing there wasn't a lot out there to learn from. Do not know how I would have done without his books.

10/12/2011 3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since my litmus test for this honor includes social grace, conversational, personable, willingness to teach, and knowledge, the clear choice for me is Linda Johnson

10/12/2011 4:52 PM  
Blogger LtGallagher said...

Linda Johnson would be my top vote. Of her many accomplishments she's earned a WSOP bracelet, was previously an owner of one of the top poker magazines, teaches not only WPT boot camps but others all over the world, she is part owner of one the best vacation companies out there, CardPlayer Cruises (I've been on more then one!) she is also co-founder of legitimate charitable foundation that allows the poker world to do it's part in helping others.

I say all this, I am not her best friend or her business partner, but I am fly on the wall that watches and hears whats going on...and this lady truely has proven herself to be the "First Lady of Poker."

10/12/2011 7:49 PM  
Blogger LasVegasPokerSource said...

Linda Johnson is clearly very deserving of at least half (if not more) of your available voting points. Between CardPlayer, WPT, the cruises, the Wednesday poker discussion group, Poker Gives and all the times I've personally seen her take new players (or old ones who need remedial help) under her wing....she just gives, gives and gives more. There is no better ambassador for this game, period.

10/13/2011 12:25 AM  
Blogger pokerphan said...

Linda Johnson deserves it. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. She works tirelessly both in the poker community and in Las Vegas as a whole.She's my hero.

10/13/2011 6:29 PM  

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