Monday, May 04, 2009

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 15: The Lacework Kid

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio ShowAt long last, a new episode of the Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show has been posted. Full details can be found over on the show’s website, but I’ll give a little summary here.

For those who’ve never heard the HBPRS -- and yes, I’m fully aware that may very well include the vast majority of you internet peoples -- the main idea behind the podcast was to present stories about poker and/or gambling, with an emphasis on old-time radio shows. I’ve had guests on a few times who have contributed their own stories and observations, and I’ve also done some readings from various poker narratives, occasionally trying my own hand at some o’ that “radio theater” with sound effects, etc.

Shamus with headphonesIf you’ve never heard the show and are curious, you can safely go back and listen to any of the old episodes since one of the guidelines I’ve tried to follow throughout is to make the show not so “time-bound.” Unlike other poker podcasts that focus on news of the day, the HBPRS purposely avoids that sort of thing, so I’m hoping the old shows have a decent shelf life as a result.

The show’s blog has show notes for each of the 15 episodes thus far, so you can peruse that to find an episode that interests you. I can suggest a few.

A lot of the episodes of the HBPRS feature mysteries or dramas. However, Episode 3 has a terrific old comedy called Duffy’s Tavern, as well as some other funny bits (such as from the old Jack Benny Program). Episode 4 has a nifty thriller called “Hitchhike Poker” starring Gregory Peck. And Episode 13 includes a reading of a funny James Thurber short story called “Everything Is Wild” in which the lovely Vera Valmore makes a guest appearance.

This latest one includes a song by the Grateful Dead, a couple of short readings (from Anthony Holden’s Big Deal and Nolan Dalla/Peter Alson’s One of a Kind), and an episode of The Damon Runyon Theater.

Click here to listen to Episode 15. Or head over to iTunes where you can subscribe to the show. If you happen to listen to this one or any other of the shows, send along your feedback here, on the show’s blog, or shoot me an email at shamus at hardboiledpoker dot com.

Poker SoupMeanwhile, if for some strange reason yr lookin’ to hear more Shamus, the cool cats over at Poker Soup had me on their show for a while last night -- for their episode 15, coincidentally enough.

We chatted about the HBPRS, other podcasts (including good old Card Club with Lord Admiral Radio), the upcoming WSOP, among other topics. Fun stuff. Check it out.

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