Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 11: Poker Chip Draw

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio ShowNew year, and a new episode. Click here to listen and/or head on over to the show’s blog to read more about it.

This one begins with a very cool song by Lorne Greene (of Bonanza fame) called “Five Card Stud.” Seriously, the show is worth downloading just to hear this song.

The main feature this time is an episode of the old radio show The Cisco Kid called “Poker Chip Draw.” Also, over on the show’s blog I’ve embedded an old episode of the TV show, if yr curious about such things. One of the first (or perhaps the first) shows filmed in color, I’ve been led to understand.

Since it is the new year and all, I find myself making all sorts of plans like everyone else, and one of them involves the Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show. I have an idea I might be able to get onto a regular schedule whereby I produce a new show once every two weeks. I know I’ll be able to do it here at the start of the year, anyway, and hope I can keep it up as the year progresses. We’ll see.

Thanks once again to everyone who has listened to the show thus far and special thanks to those who’ve sent along comments. As I’ve said before, all feedback is especially welcome, and if anyone has ideas or suggestions, send me those, too. You can comment here, on the show’s blog, leave a review over in iTunes, or send an email to shamus at hardboiledpoker dot com

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep'em coming. Never realized Lorne made albums. At least his singer is better than Leonard Nimoy's :D

1/04/2009 8:48 AM  

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