Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 10: Come, Fill My Cup

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio ShowGot a new show up today. Made it to double digits. This one is mostly taken up with an episode of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater from 1977 called “Come, Fill My Cup.”

The show begins on a train where a group get together to play some poker. That scene on the train made me think of my own experiences riding trains and, more particularly, learning various card games while traveling. I also learned a couple of card tricks on trains, and so at the beginning of this episode I try to perform one of them on the show. I am fairly confident that you, dear listener, will be able to figure out the trick without my having to explain it. Go check it out, though, for a modest test of your analytical skills.

As always, any feedback is appreciated, either here, on the show’s blog, or over in iTunes where you can subscribe to the podcast as well as leave reviews. I am also soliciting suggestions for future episodes, if you happen to have any ideas for segments.

An interesting day of poker ahead. Will be playing in the second event of Run Good Challenge 2: Electric Boogaloo this afternoon. Then tonight comes that 60 Minutes report on the Absolute Poker/UltimateBet cheating scandals. Here’s hoping both go well.

(EDIT [added 10:35 a.m.]: CRAP! Just found out the Run Good Challenge was yesterday, not today. ARGH! Read all about how it went here.)

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