Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2007 WSOP, Day 41: Radio Free Schneider (& Other Sundries)

Radio Free WSOPStarting to look as though like they’ll be very close to the money when Day 2b of the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event concludes around midnight Vegas time tonight. Probably be wrapping up right around bubble time, with a total of 700 or so punters left standing to start Day 3. (621 places will be paid.)

Various items of interest here recently. Let me make this post a jumping off point for a few of them from the last couple of days.

Dr. Pauly today made reference to the relative seriousness of players and “overall toned down” atmosphere when compared to past WSOP Main Events. He notes how Otis (Up for Poker) has a theory that fewer internet qualifiers has translated into “more real players” -- and thus, less goofball behavior. Makes sense. I had actually thought that might turn out to be the case in a post a couple of months back. Of course, we did finally see a report of an “F-bomb” penalty last night -- given to Old School director Todd Phillips, who despite having to sit out a round sits among the chip leaders heading into Day 3.

The Phil Hellmuth demolition derby was not at all surprising -- just what one would expect, really, from Mr. Look-at-Me. The wreck was bad enough, but seeing pictures of Hellmuth geek it up walking into the Main Event in his NASCAR-style jumpsuit was about as appealing as a hairy gymnast.

Vinnie Vinh came back for two hands today, quickly busting after pushing with 9-5. Sad stuff.

I did catch some of the ESPN coverage of the first couple of events from this year’s WSOP last night. I had read Lee Jones’s post over on the Bigger Deal blog where he discussed how Event No. 3 winner Ciaran O’Leary had repeatedly left the table while action was pending -- an obvious violation of a tournament rule. Having finally seen what Jones was talking about, I have to agree with him -- damned outrageous what they allowed O’Leary to do. And unfair, frankly.

And regarding that David Singer cellphone incident, while I can’t say one way or the other if Singer’s complaint is well-founded (not having been there), as far as his demand to be refunded his buy-in or given another ME entry goes -- that there is an extra large jar of applesauce.

Tom “2007 World Series of Poker Player of the Year” Schneider was eliminated from the Main Event yesterday. Hell of a series for the “Donkey Bomber,” though, having made three final tables and won a couple of bracelets. You can hear Tom interviewed tonight on PokerWire radio. He also appeared on Rounders this past Sunday (download here).

(Incidentally, once you’ve listened to Tom and discovered how wise he is, be sure to take a moment to click on the jukebox over at the right to find out where Tom gets his ideas.)

I know I’ve been recommending PokerNews for live updates -- the place to go for up-to-the-minute WSOP info. Let me also point you to the Gutshot WSOP blog. Have to say, I’ve been enjoying their coverage quite a bit as well.



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