Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Uncertain Future

Shamus peers into the uncertain future . . . Played a short while today. Won a couple of bucks. Frankly wasn't really into it all that much. Ended up going ahead and cashing out on over on Full Tilt. Am leaving funds in Stars at present. Started over there, so I’ve got some loyalty I guess.

Have read various reports, several which say Bush is signing the Act into law tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon. Neither Stars nor FTP have made their plans public, but it seems unlikely one will be willing to go it alone here. I could be wrong, though.

Risking becoming overly maudlin here, but click here to listen to the Hard-Boiled Poker theme song (a.k.a., “Lonnie’s Lament” by John Coltrane, from one of my favorite of his albums, Crescent). Just waitin’ and seein’ at the moment . . . .

Photo: Tom Neal from the 1945 film Detour, public domain.

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Blogger derbywhite said...


That song pretty much summed up my mood.

No offence intended 'very very sombre' lol

chin up fella, it'll all come out in the wash one way or t'other.


10/03/2006 8:07 PM  
Blogger Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Haha . . . thanks buddy. I ain't really so down. I did get a little moody earlier when Interpoker emailed me to tell me if I had any $$$ in my account they'd be mailing me a check (& closing the account). (I'd already cashed it all, though.)

Love love love Coltrane, though. Actually perks me up . . . .

10/03/2006 8:38 PM  
Blogger derbywhite said...

Not really my cup of Tea to be honest and the girlfriend (who incidently) is into all this dance stuff said Paul What the bleep bleep are you listening to?

I said it's Shamus' favourite tipple lol.

She laughed too.

Take care my friend :)

10/04/2006 7:50 AM  

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