Thursday, December 08, 2016

Travel Report: EPT13 Prague, Arrival -- A Nice and Funny Afternoon

Ahoj from the Czech Republic!

I arrived in Prague a little after lunchtime today. Not as cold as I thought it might be, after having received some advance warning about snow yesterday. Blue skies today, though, with a light jacket plenty enough cover.

The long flight to Munich was only half-full, meaning I drew a whole middle row to myself for stretching out and even dozing a bit (unusual for me on flights). From there it was a quick hop over to the Václav Havel Airport Prague, named after the republic’s first president (whom I mentioned yesterday).

“Welcome to Praha,” said the airline attendant after we touched down, the city’s name in Czech sounding like laughter. “Have a nice and funny afternoon,” she added, and I couldn’t help but grin. The vending machines labeled “very goodies” in the terminal kept spirits high as well.

My shuttle to the hotel lasted nearly as long as that latter flight, carrying me through a couple of tunnels to my home-away-from-home for the next couple of weeks. Have a nice view looking out on the Vltava, the longest river in the Czech Republic. Have wandered just a little so far, but expect I’ll be exploring a lot more in the days to come.

Gonna try to get some rest here before grabbing some dinner later. Will do what I can to keep updating things as we go, likely in short bursts as there will be a lot else to do while I’m here. The festival is already underway, in fact, with a €10K single re-entry event having just kicked off.

You can follow that one on the PokerStars blog, then tomorrow check back over there for the Eureka Main Event which I’ll be helping cover (and which should be a big one). Or Czech back over there, if you must.

Meanwhile, have a nice and funny rest of the day, everybody.

Image: “Václav Havel Airport,” Pirátská strana. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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