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Live Updates: The 1973 World Series of Poker Main Event, Day 1 (Part 2)

Day 1 (May 14, 1973)

11:55 p.m.: Hoff Sent Off in 10th

Soon after the players reassembled around a single 10-handed table, the one with the fewest chips tangled with the one with the most.

Bobby “The Wizard” Hoff” was down to his last 1,400 and found himself all in prefop against chip leader Puggy Pearson. The “Th"“6d”“9c”“Ad”“8s” runout favored Pearson, and Hoff hit the rail in 10th.

12:22 a.m.: Cassella Doubles Through Pearson

A short-stacked Jimmy “Fury” Cassella was just all in and at risk in a hand versus Puggy Pearson, but managed to survive much to the delight of his wife cheering on from the rail.

“You like the way I played that, Sailor?” asked Cassella afterwards of Sailor Roberts sitting across the table.

1:10 a.m.: Subtract Addington, Out in Ninth

Picking up the action with the board showing 6-10-8, Puggy Pearson was first to act and he fired a bet, and his opponent Crandall Addington called. The turn brought a Q and this time Pearson checked, providing Addington the impetus to put the last of his chips in the middle.

Pearson looked like he was considering folding, but he finally made the call, turning over Q-Q for a set of queens. From his talk he was worried about Addington having a straight, but the latter tabled 9-9 for a double-gutshot. The river blanked, bringing a low card, meaning Pearson’s set was best and Addington was out in ninth.

1:45 a.m.: Van Ausdall Ousted in Eighth

We missed the action, but the Missourian Roger Van Ausdall has been eliminated in eighth. Puggy Pearson continues to enjoy the chip lead. They’ll likely play until there is one more knockout before stopping tonight, thereby establishing an official six-handed final table.

2:38 a.m.: The Tournament Hath No Fury; Cassella Out in Seventh

Jimmy “Fury” Cassella -- the New Yorker and only east coast entrant -- hung on for a while with a short stack. But his luck finally ran out in all-in spot versus Johnny Moss, and he departs in seventh.

2:50 a.m.: Day 1 Concludes; Treetop on Top

With just six players left they’ve called it a night. During the final hands Jack “Treetop” Straus grabbed the overnight chip lead away from Puggy Pearson.

Straus ended with 42,725, Pearson with 41,350, and Johnny Moss is in third position with 22,000 even. Meanwhile Bob Hooks, Bobby Brazil, and Sailor Roberts will each return to below average stacks to begin tomorrow’s final day of play.

Play cranks back up tomorrow at 6 p.m. Come back then and we’ll find out together who from this group will be the next World Series of Poker Main Event champion.

(To be continued)

Note: All hands and other details compiled from Jon Bradshaw, Fast Company (1975), David Spanier’s Total Poker (1977), and the CBS Sports Spectacular documentary of the 1973 WSOP Main Event. Editorial judgment has been used whenever apparent discrepencies between the sources occur, and some creative license employed to fill in occasional narrative gaps, time stamps, and other details.

Photos: “Binion’s Horseshoe Casino presents The World Series of Poker,” CBS Sports Spectacular (1973).

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