Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer’s Coming

The World Series of Poker gets started in a little over a week, with the first of 69 bracelet events starting on June 1 (the $565 buy-in Casino Employees Event).

I watched that “Twitch Town Hall” last week hosted by the WSOP “brass” (as my buddy Mo Nuwwarah likes to refer to them). To be honest, I had it on but ended up getting distracted by other things as the sound was muddy and it was occasionally hard to follow. Seems to be a common thing on Twitch when folks don’t use microphones but rather just the internal mics in laptops. (It is often listenable enough with earbuds, but I don’t always want to use those.)

I did pick up on the fact that they were answering a lot of questions about this year’s “Colossus” (or “Colossus II,” as they’re dubbing it), mostly to do with registration concerns. Sounds like they think it’ll be even bigger than the 22,374-entry field from last year, which is nuts.

There was other stuff having to do with the WSOPE and WSOP APAC (both up in the air, it sounds like), the WSOP POY and the GPI working on a better formula, the earlier start times, Uber, All-American Dave, and so on. But nothing huge to get excited or bothered about, from what I could tell.

There will be some good stories again this summer, as there always are. The whole enterprise has definitely grown to the point now that it feels more like a big lumbering machine -- even more so than just five or seven years ago, I think. And with all of the other tours circling the globe to keep each week -- each day, even -- filled with tourney talk, the WSOP has definitely become less central, though still unique.

Photo: “Temperature,” Jan. CC BY 2.0.

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