Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Shamus and Shark

Well the rain mostly held off today in Nassau, although the cloudy skies meant there was no need to pull out the bottle of sunblock I tossed in the bag at the last minute before leaving home. Temps were in the mid-70s all day, but with unrelenting 20-mph winds it tended to feel a little more chilly than that.

Actually went down for a short while during the afternoon to sit by the pool, but rather than use the towel to dry off after going in, I stayed dry and used it for a blanket instead.

Was still fun wandering about the resort and checking in on the stingrays, sharks, turtles, sawfish, groupers, lobsters, and other marine life. Almost as much fun just watching the kids follow in amazement as a big school of groupers or rays whizzed past.

Kind of just sitting tight at the moment, watching the gray turn darker as the sun sets before heading out for a trip over the bridge and “off campus” to enjoy some seafood and reunite with many of the folks with whom I’ll be working over the next nine days.

Will be quite a contrast tomorrow in the brightly-lit tournament room, silently sliding around the tables where a lot of figurative sharks will be seated for the first day of the $100K Super High Roller. Steve O’Dwyer won that event a year ago, topping a 50-entry field that included 16 re-entries and taking away about $1.87 million for doing so.

That $200K event in Manila has wrapped up, the one won by Fedor Holz, and it’ll be interesting to see who from that 52-entry field makes it all of the way from the Philippines to the Caribbean to play in this one as well.

Gonna shut it down and find an extra layer to wear before heading out. Be sure to start checking in at the PokerStars blog to follow things as the first day gets going at 12 noon ET tomorrow.

Man, those winds are picking up. Hopefully all the tanks stay intact, or the Atlantis might be dealing with a sharknado.

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