Thursday, August 20, 2015

EPT12 Barcelona, Day 2: Buffeted About

The first full day of events at EPT Barcelona seem to blow by, the 14 hours or so I spent at Casino Barcelona swiftly slipping past.

That’s because with eight events going on -- all of which got at least some attention from your humble scribbler -- there was always something else to track down and try to chronicle. The turnouts for all of the events were healthy, including for the €1K Estrellas Main Event (our primary focus, coverage-wise), as usually is the case on the EPT.

With the Estrellas the 592 who showed up to play the first of three Day 1 flights might have seemed like a modest total at first glance. But they staged this exact same event a year ago and drew just 438 on Day 1a, then after three Day 1s they had 2,560 players total -- the biggest freezeout field ever for a PokerStars live event. Probably looking at something over a thousand coming out today, and who knows how many on Friday?

Along the way I enjoyed a brief chat with FPS Monaco winner Sebastian Supper, a friendly German who is really more student than poker player. I also greatly enjoyed a kind of incredible buffet for dinner (pictured above), done up much differently than was the case here a couple of years ago.

With all of the events going on, I felt like I was doing a lot of buffet-like sampling all day as I ran around taking away small portions here and there to serve up. Check out the PokerStars blog to see what I dish out today.

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