Saturday, May 02, 2015

Travel Report: EPT11 Grand Final, Day 3 -- Monaco is a Maze

I mentioned before how I’ve been walking into work each morning, a trip that essentially carries me through the heart of Monte Carlo. It’s about a mile-and-a-half walk, I think, and takes exactly half an hour, giving me a chance to enjoy some fresh air and the beautiful view of the Mediterranean before spending the rest of my day inside the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel.

As anyone who has been here well knows, every single inch of space is being used in this small principality, with buildings crammed close together and none-too-wide streets winding snake-like in and out and up and down. The sidewalks are narrow, too, most not even allowing space enough for two people to walk side-by-side.

The city is built on levels as well, meaning as I wind my way eastward to my destination I’m also mostly going downhill, the grade being quite high. I’ve found myself taking different routes each time as previously unlocked gates will be closed or other obstacles arise forcing me to take a different angle. That hairpin turn I was writing about a couple of posts back is kind of a theme of the place, given how often everyone -- pedestrians and drivers -- have to turn back and then back again to get where they want to go.

That above is a picture of the steep stairwell I descended to get to the venue today, one dropping down about five levels. Went back up it later on to have a nice dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant located just across the border in France.

Once I get to the Monte Carlo Bay Resort and Hotel, I again have a long, winding path back to the tournament area located behind the main casino and hotel. That one also forces me to make several turns, with signs providing a guide that I relied on the first couple of times going over.

Then once I go to work I’m again doing a lot of walking from room to room through crowds of people, negotiating tight passages between ropes and tables that again makes me feel like I’m inside a maze. I counted the steps from the media room to the far corner of the main tournament room where the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event was playing out (the one I’m covering), and it added up to 150.

Definitely getting plenty of exercise here. Physically, sure. And mentally, too, as I try to anticipate the next turn while continuing to move forward.

Check the PokerStars blog today to see what all I happen to find amid my wandering around.

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