Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Ode to the Favorite Poker Blog

Am readying here for another trek across the country, this time back to Las Vegas to help the World Poker Tour crew out with covering the upcoming WPT Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic at the Bellagio. Will be heading out tomorrow as the sucker gets going on Friday.

Very much looking forward to this one, both for the chance to work with B.J. Nemeth, Ryan Luchessi, and all of the other cool WPT cats, as well as to connect with many others in LV over the next week, including some of the blogger crowd who will be there for the World Poker Blogger Tour meet-up.

Speaking of the latter, I noticed yesterday how BLUFF Magazine opened up voting for its yearly “Readers Choice Awards,” and this time around the category of “Favorite Poker Blog” has at last been dropped, probably a year or two later than it might have been. (Click here if you’re curious to see the 14 categories that remain.)

A few people still do write poker blogs, although probably not enough to make a category out of it anymore. When it comes to playing a significant role in shaping the way people think and talk about poker these days, Twitter most definitely has the big stack now -- by a long shot -- with the blogs, books, forums, and even television shows having seen their chips dwindle to the point of only occasionally being able to influence the action. Magazines, too, for that matter.

I’ve written before about having lost a bit of steam when it comes to writing here everyday, my motivation affected in no small part by the lack of options for playing poker -- in particular online -- for someone not living in proximity to much in the way of live poker options. Of course, such “blog fatigue” is not at all unique to me or other poker bloggers or bloggers, generally speaking.

Might be an interesting topic to discuss with the other bloggers -- erstwhile and otherwise -- in Vegas this weekend. More likely we’ll find something else to talk about, I imagine. And report along with the hashtag #WPBT.

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Blogger Grange95 said...

People occasionally ask me why I don't post as often in my blog as I used to. There are a number of reasons ...

Wait. This could be blog material ...

12/04/2013 7:48 PM  

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