Saturday, July 09, 2011

2011 WSOP, Day 39: KK vs. AA

Pocket kings“Kings and aces?”

So asked the player to my left, a moment before my lone opponent -- a couple to my right -- and I tabled our cards. It was obvious. Only three levels into the daily deepstack, it would likely take just such a combination for a preflop all-in to occur. Unfortunately for me I was the one with the kings, and he had the aces. And five cards later came the quick and perfunctory end to my tourney day yesterday afternoon, less than a couple of hours after it had begun.

Haven’t had any time at all for play this trip, so when I saw I had a day off -- one of just a couple left on my schedule -- I thought I’d use the day to take my shot at the afternoon $235 tourney at the Rio. The sucker has been routinely drawing enormous fields, with some nice return for those making the cash.

I was fairly snug for the first couple of levels, then just before my bust played what I’d thought to have been a couple of decent hands -- one in which I stole a pot to gain a few chips, the other in which I found a fold and lost them back. Was enough to give me just a touch of confidence about how things were going and my chip-gathering prospects going forward. But I’d dipped below the starting stack, and when I reraised out of the big blind with my kings I knew there was no chance I’d be able to avoid putting the rest in should the invitation come.

It was a “so it goes hand,” for sure. And I’ve witnessed plenty of those already this summer.

In fact, I’d just reported on A-A vs. K-K hands a couple of times during Day 1a of the WSOP Main Event, the hands ending in eliminations both times. One I mentioned yesterday, the one involving my friends Tom Schneider and the Poker Grump. The other was between the French player Manuel Bevand and an opponent. In the latter, Bevand had the kings and won with a four-flush.

Nothing too special about it. We all run kings into aces now and then.

My day off included some other items of note. On my way in, I ran into Jennifer Shahade and we chatted briefly. I’d met the chess and poker player (and author) the day before, and we wished each other luck (me in my tourney; she in the ME).

I then got to stand in a long, slow line to register, amid a number of ME players who were mostly less than happy about the wait (about 45 minutes). Was kind of interesting to overhear the banter of those lining up to play in the ME, their talk revealing a wide range of personalities, nationalities, and outlooks.

After I’d busted, I was able to spend the afternoon taking care of some other business regarding a future writing project about which I’m fairly excited (more to come on that). Then I met with Jen Newell (@WriterJen), Kate (@KateWrightson), and Amy (@thekeylime) for a nice dinner at Buzio’s.

Might’ve extended the evening further with more visits with various others who have converged on Vegas this week, but I chose instead to turn in early. Still feeling a little rundown -- be it the “blogger flu” or whatever it is -- and decided rest was in order.

Also am missing Vera, which made me less inclined to do the socializing thing once the sun went down. Talked to her on the phone yesterday and as it turned out she’d had a running-kings-into-aces kind of day, too, and I hated not being able to be with her for it. Much more fun to be together and laughing than to be apart and having to deal alone with various frustrations and/or plans not panning out.

Like the one I’d been plotting when reraising with those pocket kings.

Today the plan is to watch and report on more WSOP Main Event action. Word is that today’s Day 1c and tomorrow’s Day 1d will both be much bigger than what we’ve seen the first two days. In fact, it’s sounding like at least 6,000 is pretty much a lock. Should be an interesting weekend, regardless. Check over at PokerNews’ live reporting to see how it goes.

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