Sunday, April 17, 2011

Travel Report: 2011 LAPT Lima, Day 3

The Atlantic City Casino, Lima, PeruRelatively rapid day yesterday at LAPT Lima. As was the case on Friday, we were all mostly glad to have the distraction of covering of poker tournament to keep us from fretting too much about “Black Friday,” the “pokercalypse,” or whatever other scary signifier you might be inspired to hang on this here crisis for online poker with which we’re all still trying to come to grips.

Took a little over six hours yesterday for the field to shrink from 24 down to eight. Several compelling moments along the way, including a dramatic, saving ace on the river to ensure the survival of Peruvian Samar Hodali, the lone woman left in the event, who today is only a few chips behind the leader, Daniel Ospina of Columbia. Would mark the first time a woman won a Main Event on the LAPT should she take it down, and given the local support that should make for a fun scene should it happen.

Dr. Pauly, F-Train, our friends Shirley and Sos, and I headed down to Larcomar, the big shopping center situated on the cliffs along the Lima coastline, where we had an absolutely delightful meal at Restaurant Portofino.

The atmosphere -- with the high-angle view of the waves crashing below -- was especially pleasant, and the food even more so. I started with the ronda caliente (a seafood dish highlighted by some scrumptious calimari), followed by the tournado pisqueno (scallops wrapped in bacon and soaked in lemon, garlic, and red pepper).

The Larcomar Mall, Lima, PeruWe walked back through the mall area, through the streets of Miraflores, and were back at the hotel a little before midnight. A few dozen hands of Chinese poker later we were able to retire for the evening relatively early.

Before hitting the hay, I did spend a little while checking in on all that has been happening, making a quick run through some of what is being written and said. Sort of like the hurried sampling of local sights and cuisine here in Lima -- that is, I’ve only had limited time to sample the reports and commentary thus far, never mind try to digest fully the indictment, the civil complaint, and everything else.

Kevmath is collecting pertinent links in a sticky over on Two Plus Two. Pauly highlighted several as well in his Friday post, “Exile on Main Street Reprise.” They keep updating the story over at PokerNews with ongoing developments. And F-Train took time yesterday morning to be interviewed by our Dutch colleague, Remko, for an enlightening podcast.

Bill Rini, as usual, has done a great job thinking it all through and looking ahead to the possible fates awaiting all of those connected in some fashion to the world of online poker in a post titled “The Fallout From The Full Tilt / PokerStars Pullout.” Along the same lines, Change100 has written a thoughtful piece that well articulates what many of us in the poker media are experiencing. And after perusing all of those items last night, I listened a short while to the live telethon-like show still ongoing over at Quad Jacks, too.

Even if I weren’t in another country covering a poker tournament, it’d be difficult to keep up with it all. I’m sure I’ll be sinking into deep-contemplation mode soon after boarding that plane tomorrow night. I imagine I’ll remain in that mode for some time after I return home, too.

Still amazing to consider, after being out of the U.S. for just a week, how utterly online poker will have changed there during the brief time I was away.

We’re back at it today for the final table, which starts at noon. Yesterday Pauly sent out a tweet comparing us to the band playing aboard the Titanic as it went down. Is this the last gig for us? Who knows? In any event, I’m gonna play it as well as I can.

F-Train and PaulyAnd I’ll say this, too. Sharing the stage these fellas here -- and getting to jam with all of those others over the last few years, too -- has friggin’ rocked.

Check over at the PokerStars blog (yes, you can still access that site) today to see how Dr. Pauly and I play this one.

Like I say, no ideer if this is the last waltz, but I’m nonetheless inspired to listen to one of my favorite apocalyptic jams as inspiration for today’s show. “It’s not like it used to be,” says Robbie Robertson as the clip begins.

And then the band plays...

Now I don’t mind chopping wood
And I don’t care if the money’s no good
You take what you need and you leave the rest
But they should never have taken the very best...

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Blogger Bill said...

Those are some pretty shifty dudes in the second to last photo . . . wait, I know them.

4/17/2011 1:15 PM  
Blogger bastinptc said...

Best of luck to you, Shamus. Your blog has always been a pleasure to read, and hopefully your obvious skills will find you on firm footing once again.

4/17/2011 10:07 PM  

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