Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, Baby... Quads Again

Has been an okay month, pokerwise, thus far. Lately I’ve been shuttling back and forth between the pot-limit Omaha games and limit hold’em, rediscovering my fondness for LHE as I do.

I think it was that trip to the Palm Beach Kennel Club a couple of weeks ago where I played LHE that spurred me back into that game online. I mentioned in that trip report how I’d had the good fortune once to flop quad treys. Not only that, I managed to get paid, having a table full with me for the flop, a few more stick around for the turn, two go to the river, and one call me on the end.

Soon after returning I happened to have a hand online where I again improbably flopped quads. Not only that, it was treys again. And again I got some action.

In fact, it was kind of a perfect storm with this one. Check it out (RSS readers might need to click through to the post in order to view these hands):

Then a couple of days ago I made quads once again, this time on the turn. I don’t always three-bet with little pairs like this, but ihaveahand had been raising more than half his hands and I was thinking I could get him heads-up. That didn’t work out, but just about everything after that did.

Finally, yesterday I had yet another hand in which I managed to flop four of a kind -- and once again made a few berries, largely thanks to the reckless opponent who followed me to the river:

Yes, I know. By posting these hands I realize I am essentially guaranteeing that I will not be seeing quads again for, oh, years and years. Ah, well. At least I’ll be able to come back to this post and remember those days when it seemed to happen all the time.

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