Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Would Need GPS to Find Memory Lane

I Would Need GPS to Find Memory LaneHad a good visit on Friday over at UNLV with David Schwartz, Director of the Center for Gaming Research. Perused the collections for a bit, as well. Want to research a project related to gambling, Vegas, poker? The CGR is the place to go.

Made it over to the Wynn a little later in the afternoon where I met with Pokerati Dan Michalski for a couple of hours. Kind of a comical situation, caused by my absent-mindedness. I forgot to carry my cell phone to our meeting, meaning I was “off the grid” for a while. A bit worrisome, as I was supposed to be getting a call from Vera regarding our dinner plans.

When I finally got up with Dan (who, of course, had been calling me repeatedly to try to switch our meeting place), he let me use his phone to call Vera. That’s when I realized I couldn’t remember Vera’s phone number, which I never dial because it is programmed into my cell. No problem. I’ll just call someone who knows Vera’s number. I thought of a few possibilities, but realized I couldn’t recall their numbers either. Finally I found a number way back in a dusty corner of my ever-withering brainstuff and all was well.

Dan and I hoofed it over to the Encore Lobby Bar and Café where we ordered some light fare. Had fun talking blogs and the poker media, the upcoming WSOP, and the meaning of life while hounding the wait staff to bring us more than three pieces of pita bread at a time for the hummus. We walked back over to the Wynn where I left Dan at the poker room where he was going to try to join a no-limit game.

In the evening Vera and I ended up over at Caesars Palace having dinner with some friends at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, followed by some high-priced gelato and some gawking at the tropical fish in that big 50,000-gallon Atlantis aquarium.

Today it is off to the Bellagio where Day 1a of the World Poker Tour World Championship kicks off. Vera and I will be hanging out there this morning and afternoon, then tonight it is the big dressage finale of the Fédération Équestre Internationale World Cup.

Then we fly home tomorrow. Here’s hopin’ I remember to pack my cell phone.

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