Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show, Episode 4: Hitchhike Poker

The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio ShowA new episode of the podcast went up today. Should be popping up in iTunes within the next 24 hours, I’d think. We’re back to drama/mystery after having had that comedic detour in Episode 3. The main feature this time is an installment of the great and popular old time radio series Suspense. It stars Gregory Peck and is called “Hitchhike Poker.”

The short subjects include a song by the blues guitarist Blind Blake, the continuation of the Poker Grump’s list of stupid things said at the poker tables, and me reading an excerpt from Dostoevsky’s The Gambler. In order to add a little excitement, I goofed around a bit with sound effects and editing to produce a kind of fake audio vérité during the reading. I suppose I was inspired to do so from listening to all of these old radio shows which also rely a lot on sound effects. Fun stuff.

Am able to keep on schedule with the podcast as I produced a couple of shows prior to coming out to Vegas. There will be an Episode 5 a little later on in the month, then it’ll have to be after I get back home in July when we get to Episode 6. As I mention at the top of this new show, the podcast is intended not to be too terribly time-bound, so if you haven't heard any of the earlier shows you can go back and check ’em out now.

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here. Also, if you go over to the show’s blog you’ll find links for other methods of subscribing, as well as show notes for each of the four episodes produced thus far.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really got this thing going. A lot of this I wouldn't have thought of going out to find and listen to.

6/06/2008 6:40 AM  

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