Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Absolute Poker “Security Summits” (In Search Of)

Remember those “Security Summits” Absolute Poker told us about back in January in its response to the audit? What ever happened to those?

I thought I’d ask . . .

Sent that middle of last week. Haven’t heard a peep from AP. Perhaps recognizing I haven’t played a hand on their site for months, Absolute Poker support doesn’t feel the need to respond to me anymore.

I heard a few days ago something about plans to integrate the online poker site Vegas Poker 24/7 and Absolute Poker. My understanding is that Vegas Poker 24/7 has operated as an Absolute “skin” all along, although players have been able to open separate accounts on each site. In a statement about the upcoming integration (planned for March), Joe Norton, owner of Towkiro Enterprises ENRG “which holds a 100% interest in Absolute Poker” had the following to say:

“Today’s online gaming community demands and expects a transformative gaming experience that seamlessly integrates superior technology, responsiveness to customer needs, and a safe and secure environment in which to play . . . . Absolute Poker and Vegas Poker 24/7 are at the center of this trend, and this acquisition will build on our combined heritage to redefine the online gaming experience.”

Man, oh man. If I held a 100% interest in Absolute Poker, I doubt I’d be chirping about the site’s “heritage” or saying anything about “redefin[ing] the online gaming experience.” That’s just me, though. I try to avoid undesirable ironies whenever possible.

I know I said yesterday I tend not to listen to online poker shows live, but I did happen to hear “Pumped on Poker” on Sunday afternoon and heard an interview with a Vegas Poker 24/7 rep concerning the plans to integrate the two sites. There were a number of logistical questions being asked and answered -- nothing too remarkable, for the most part. I was surprised by one tidbit, though.

Apparently players who currently have accounts on both Vegas Poker 24/7 and Absolute Poker will be allowed to login using either username once the integration has occurred. Meaning you could be playing against CaptainKirk341 one day and MrSpock22 the next, but both players are actually the same Trekkie.

Now this here integration apparently won’t concern Ultimate Bet at all -- that site, though owned by the same group that owns AP, will remain distinct. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder about what we were talking about a couple of weeks ago -- namely, the fact that two different players can currently log into the same Ultimate Bet account from different locations. I haven’t heard anything about that being possible on Absolute, though if it were, the upcoming integration -- and the decision to allow players to use two different usernames on the same site -- seems like it might create some problems.

Of course, allowing multiple usernames may not pose any problems at all. Nevertheless, it strikes me as a bad idea, creating conditions that may even encourage attempts to multi-account.

Maybe someone will bring that up at the Security Summit . . . ?



Blogger Random Table Draw said...

Hopefully the questions being asked here and at LAB will do something man. Thanks for keeping the noise level up with us.

2/13/2008 6:33 PM  

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