Friday, September 21, 2007

Get Out Your iPods and iPod-like Devices

Some good pokery for the iPod this weekUp to my eyeballs in “real life” applesauce these days. Imagine slapped across the front of my fedora one of them “I'd Rather Be . . . ” bumper stickers. Go ahead and fill in the rest with just about anything. And, yes, that would include a stick in the eye.

I have been able to squeeze in few quick pokery sessions here and there, but not as much as I would like. Had a fairly absurd little stretch of 100 hands of 1/2 full-ring LHE yesterday on Full Tilt where I was dealt KK three times and lost all three -- twice making sets along the way. Also lost twice with QQ. Ended up down about $40 overall -- just about the cost of those five hands, in fact.

Something to cheer me up today, though. Some of my favorite poker people are getting together. Check it out.

Tom Schneider -- the 2007 WSOP Player of the Year, author of Oops! I Won Too Much Money: Winning Wisdom from the Boardroom to the Poker Table, co-host of Beyond the Table (new episode up today), and contributor to Pokerati -- appears as a guest on today’s episode of Ante Up! hosted by Chris Cosenza and Scott Long.

Tom (a.k.a., the Donkey Bomber, or, more recently, Thomas the Tank Engine) has appeared on a couple of other podcasts since picking up two WSOP bracelets and POY honors this year -- namely the July 8th episode of Rounders, the Poker Show and the July 11th episode of PokerWire (R.I.P.). Tom has also gotten some air time lately during ESPN’s telecasts of the WSOP, as well as coverage in CardPlayer and other poker pubs.

Speaking of CardPlayer, Tom’s final table at the WPT Legends of Poker Main Event currently has him in fourth place in the CardPlayer Player of the Year standings (behind David Pham, Bill Edler, and J.C. Tran). That final table also bumped him up over the $1 million mark for lifetime tourney winnings.

Meanwhile, this week marks the 119th episode of Ante Up! And I believe that’s 119 weeks without a single week off, which should qualify Chris and Scott to be the Cal Ripkens of poker podcasting or something. The show is always fun and informative, and the pair do a great job with interviews, too.

Three cool cats. And unlike them lousy kings and queens yesterday, sure to be a winner.



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