Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Iggy Drops the Other Shoe

Guinness and PokerNot to be a tease, but I’m still debatin’ with myself how to spend that recent tourney windfall I told about in the last post. Thanks for the suggestions, fellas! (And anyone else with any advice, please send!) I will certainly report in the near future how exactly I’ve decided to put them T$ to use.

Speaking of being teased . . . have any of you been over on the rail at Guinness and Poker lately, wondering like me how Iggy was going to play this one?

A week ago, Iggy published a regular zen koan of a post suggesting some very big news was on the horizon. As if to confirm his status as the E.F. Hutton of poker blogs, the “Blogfather” published a mere four-word post, then stood back silently while we all scurried about trying to decipher its hidden meaning. Given Iggy’s extensive network of poker-related connections, I initially figured he’d scored some kind of inside dope regarding the future of Party Poker. (Guinness and Poker is, after all, the “Party Poker Blog.”) When I happened on the Poker Prof’s post from a couple of days before relating a story about Mirage possibly taking over the online poker giant, I thought perhaps the mystery wasn’t such a mystery. A subsequent post from Iggy about a “done deal” and an “announcement forthcoming” seemed to confirm my suspicion.

Then came today’s update. Iggy still ain’t delivering entirely ambiguity-free communication; however, the phrases “definite hiatus” and “long nap” both seem to indicate a plan to take a break from uberposting for some indefinite period.

Others are currently busy composing and publishing their extensive (and better-informed) posts marking the occasion. Just wanted to add my humble thanks here as well to Iggy for having served for so long as the sun about which the rest of the poker blogosystem could happily rotate. Have to say, Iggy’s mention of Hard-Boiled Poker a while back was a definite highlight in the young career of a poker blogger like myself. And I know he’s encouraged and inspired many others similarly along the way.

So I’ll raise a pint with everyone else and wish Iggy well for now. But (like everyone else) I’m also gonna stay tuned.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard an interview on one of the podcasts in the summer with Iggy. Don't they call this guy The Godfather of poker blogs.

Can't say I have ever read this blog. He did come over as being a nice guy though and if he is that highly thought of in the poker blogging world I'm sure that he will be sorely missed.

11/17/2006 6:55 AM  
Blogger Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Yes, he was on Card Club with Sean -- a great episode (I wrote a post about that show, actually). Iggy's definitely one of the good ones.

11/17/2006 9:41 AM  

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