Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Circuit Shorted

CardPlayer's 'The Circuit'I just heard a couple of days ago that CardPlayer’s The Circuit is no more. As we know it, anyhow. Host Scott Huff recently announced his decision to leave the show. Co-host Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok have also separately shared their intentions not to continue with the popular podcast.

Unclear at present whether CardPlayer intends to continue a similar show with different hosts, try something different, or perhaps abandon podcasting altogether. Seems likely they’ll keep some version of the show around. Call me cynical, but when I consider the magazine’s propensity toward filling its pages (and covers) with paid advertising, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the show became the new venue for “Full Tilt Poker’s Tips from the Pros” or the like.

One hopes otherwise. Whatever The Circuit does become, I do hope CardPlayer gives some energy to trying to fill the void left by Huff. Besides being an able traffic controller of sometimes frenzied discussions between ego-driven pro players, Huff was a smart, witty host who always ensured the show would speak to the interests of non-professionals. Nearly every episode, Huff would redirect discussions toward the interests of that group he referred to as “most of our listeners” -- namely, short-stacked types like myself. As much I liked Smith and Sebok, I have to agree with what Smith himself says on his “MySpace” page -- Huff “was the glue that held [the show] together.”

Perhaps CardPlayer will find someone else with Huff’s talent and perspective to take over the mic. Of course -- as I posted over on the CardPlayer forums -- the next hosts surely face a post-Shana Hiatt-level of difficulty to produce something half as good. (Click here to read the thread. Scroll down to the third page and you’ll see forum moderator Shronk’s hilarious rejoinder to my comment.)

Image: The Circuit.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think I missed the news until it was on the Rounders podcast.

I'm off to vegas in April and was hoping to buy the guys a beer.

Oh well

11/02/2006 9:04 AM  

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