Friday, April 28, 2006

What's the Rumpus?

Okay, this here’s the feeler. Firing something out to see if anyone is awake.

Name’s Shamus. A.k.a. "Short-Stacked Shamus." I play poker. Primarily hold ’em, some Omaha, some stud. Strictly recreational. Mostly micro, some low (hence the monicker). The occasional tourney. Won’t be quitting the day job. Basically your average jingle-brained sap. Once in awhile an idea’ll pulse through. None of that dizzy “poker-is-like-life-because” applesauce. Nothing is like life, by the way. Either it's living or it ain't. No, I aim lower. Another hence for the monicker, if you will.

From time to time I’ll post occasional proofs of consciousness. See if anybody’ll call or raise.

Photo: Tom Neal from the 1945 film Detour, public domain.

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